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And this is why you should always get travel insurance

Because things like this happen: A Kiwi woman had her hand almost completely severed when a sex romp on a bathroom sink in Croatia went awry, according to a report. The Croatian Times newspaper reported the 28-year-old New Zealand woman, known as Amy R, was having sex on a bathroom sink with an Englishman in... Read more »

Why articles titled "How to get a first class upgrade" are lies

I’ve seen more than a few articles lately by bloggers about “How to get a first class upgrade” and in my travel experience, they’re full of it. Sure, they’ll toss around things like Y-UP fares or dressing up or being nice, but 99% of the time it’ll come down to your frequent flier status or... Read more »

Early August Escape Fares

It’s been a while since I’ve done Escape Fares, but there are some interesting fares out there…   Domestic: Boston is showing up as ~$116 r/t on JetBlue, Continental and United. San Francisco is showing up as $231-239 r/t on American, Continental, United and Virgin. Palm Springs, CA is showing up as $185 r/t on... Read more »

I Judge You By Your Luggage

One of the things that I enjoy doing while at O’Hare is people watching. In between watching attractive women wearing form-fitting pajamas and the interesting sartorial styling of others, I tend to check out people’s luggage. I’ve learned in my million ass-in-seat miles in the last 8 years that it’s the quickest way to stereotype... Read more »