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Escape Fares: Batman

From our own Gotham City to Batman, Turkey, I’m finding $539 r/t airfare from October onwards on Turkish Airlines. Not that I know what’s in Batman, Turkey, but DUDE, some places you need to go to for the name alone.

Escape Fares: Honolulu in September onward from $441 r/t

Normally I’m all about staying in Chicago for the summer because we live in the most beautiful city in the world when the weather’s gorgeous. After the last month or two of schizophrenic weather, it’s time to think about going somewhere warm and sunny. American, Continental and United are showing round trip airfares in September... Read more »

Chicago to Istanbul for $505 r/t

That is, according to Fatwallet. You’d fly nonstop on Turkish Airlines (not too bad, good wine selection.) I’m a big fan of Istanbul as a city – lots of culture and history and great food. US passport holders will get a visa on arrival for $20 (it’s a neat sticker.)