American Airlines and Japan Airlines become BFFs, announce more Trans-Pac options

Well well - this is interesting. American Airlines is increasing ties with their OneWorld partner, Japan Airlines. Since press releases tend to be not really helpful for most people, here's what I take away from it.

1) For those flying Trans-Pacific, prices really don't change much. Let's face it - anytime there's an "enhancement," fares tend to go up.
2) Japan Airlines moves out of O'Hare's Terminal 5 and moves into Terminal 3 with American Airlines effective March 27th. This is smart because it makes it easier for people who are JAL partners to not deal with Terminal 5, which sucks.
3) Instead of JAL and AA flying basically at the same time to Japan, they've moving it apart so that schedules are a bit more flexible. That's nice.

Overall, not much is changing unless you're a business traveler to Asia and fly either AA or JAL. As always, if there are any good fares to Asia, I'll pass them along.

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