Time to hit the road with these inexpensive fares

I got back from Istanbul, Turkey late last night - crazy weather both here and there and the holidays are in full force. Invariably weather cancels flights, and you get to see both the best and worst of human nature. You'll see people flip out and swear but then you'll see people bend over backwards to help their fellow travelers. Be calm, be patient and always remember to smile.

On that note, let's get out of here.
Spirit Airlines is flying to both St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands and San Juan, Puerto Rico for $202.
American Airlines is flying to Honolulu starting at $451 and Kauai for $472. It's "offpeak" for Hawaii, which doesn't make sense. I mean, it's cold everywhere else...
Spirit is also flying to Panama City, Panama and San Jose, Costa Rica for fares from $239 and $250, respectively.
British Airways has fares to Dublin from $431. Now you can earn American Airlines miles or BA miles on those flights. Also, lots of destinations in Spain and Italy at around $550.
United Airlines and their partners will get you to South Africa (either Johannesburg or Cape Town) for under $1100.
And Asiana Airlines has fares to Vietnam (either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City) from $790. I went to Ho Chi Minh City in April and it was awesome. I can't wait to go back for the food. Visas to Vietnam run around $90.

So let's keep cool if you're traveling during the holidays. Bad things happen, but bring a book, snacks and comfy clothes.

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