American Airlines gains a new partner (and unlikely destinations)

Yesterday the OneWorld alliance, the global partnership that American Airlines started along with British Airways, added a new member: S7 Airlines. Who? S7, better known as Siberia Airlines.

They add the lovely countries of Armenia*, Azerbaijan*, Georgia*, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova*, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to a list of places we can go with the OneWorld alliance, and where you can cash in your hard earned AA miles to visit. The ones marked with the asterisks are considered part of AA's Europe zone, so a round trip between Chicago and Baku, Azerbaijan can be had for as little as 40,000 miles round trip. Countries like Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are part of AA's India/Middle East zone, so round trips between them are 75,000 miles in coach.

Now, before you get all excited and want to see either the "Door to Hell" in Turkmenistan or the real Kazakhstan and meet Borat, it's a little difficult to get there. Most flights will either involve connections in Moscow or Moscow then Novosibirsk - making you rather tired and involve connections in London then Moscow. They also require you to have a transit visa through Russia, which costs $140 for a single/double entry and then another $50 for a courier fee.

Doesn't make it easy to get there, but if you're bored with normal destinations and have frequent flier miles burning a hole in your pocket - why not take a chance and visit somewhere unusual? As Borat would say "Great Success!"

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