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Inexpensive fares to Vietnam

Anxious to get out of Chicago when cold weather strikes? I don’t blame you. I’m finding relatively inexpensive fares to Vietnam on Asiana Airlines. For around $750 and the cost of a visa ($90), you can fly from Chicago to either Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. Fares run until the end of November.

Eating live octopus in Seoul

I took advantage of a lull at work to go to Seoul, South Korea. It’s a great place – more later, but I wanted to share a crazy experience that I had. The owner of the guesthouse I stayed at took us out for live octopus. Yes, live octopus. Needless to say that I got... Read more »

American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia Partnership and Chicago

A few weeks ago, American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia kind of snuck a change in under the radar. Instead of fighting each other across the Atlantic, they’ve combined to fight United/Continental. Who wins? The customers – maybe. But it does mean some interesting things from the OneWorld Alliance. Since the airlines were all partners,... Read more »