Passport fees go up July 13th, so get them now!

If you're without a passport, now's the time to do it. Fees go up $35 starting on July 13th, so new applicants will be paying $135 instead of $100.

Need help getting started? Try the US State Department's very handy website. You'll need a birth certificate, drivers license and pictures (Walgreens or CVS can help you with that.)

The US Passport Card goes up $10, so new applicants will be paying $55 instead of $45 during acceptance. The Passport Card is only good for land and sea travel in the US, Mexico, Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean. If you apply before the July 13th fee increase, you can get both the passport book and the passport card for $120. I keep the passport card in my wallet, and when I travel, it's separate from the passport book so in case I do lose my passport book, I can still have something that says I am who I say I am and prove my citizenship.

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