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Escape from Chicago.... to Chicago?

I’m having a hard time finding airfares to escape from Chicago. Nothing is particularly sexy, so I figured – why not *be* a tourist in Chicago? I know, this is almost sacrilege. There are two interesting walking tours to consider in lieu of the typical double-decker bus tour of Chicago. I like walking tours. It’s... Read more »

July Escape Fares

Let’s face it – Chicago is amazing in summertime. It makes us forget those 9+ months of the year of horrible weather. However, summer is when airfares are higher, so it begs to ask: why would you ever leave our beloved city by the lake? Just in case you want to head out of town,... Read more »

Passport fees go up July 13th, so get them now!

If you’re without a passport, now’s the time to do it. Fees go up $35 starting on July 13th, so new applicants will be paying $135 instead of $100. Need help getting started? Try the US State Department’s very handy website. You’ll need a birth certificate, drivers license and pictures (Walgreens or CVS can help... Read more »