Escape Fares for June

This week's not the week to escape Chicago with the impending Blackhawks win and the US Soccer team taking on the world come this weekend. With that, I thought - which would be more fun to go to, Philadelphia or Africa?

There's no doubt that going to Africa will require time and money and a limited scope. Plus you'd might want to get immunizations before you board the plane.

Having said that, I'm seeing airfares for the following places starting in September:

Nairobi, Kenya. Going for around $1124 r/t on Turkish Airways. One of the top restaurants in the world is in Nairobi, Carnivore. I was there 5 years ago, and enjoyed it. A lot of history, wild animals and a good place to get started for any first trip to Africa.

Entebbe, Uganda. Sadly, $1386 is the cheapest I can find there via KLM.

Johannesburg, South Africa. Dream of going to the World Cup? Or at least being fashionably late to see the city's renaissance? Delta and United are showing fares for $1258, with American Airlines/British Airways being a few dollars more.

Yes, setting foot in one of Africa's 53 countries will cost you serious money. Not to mention, some serious money for immunizations and proper travel clothing.

In the mean time, go Blackhawks!

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