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Southwest Airlines' Birthday Sale!

For the next 72 hours, take advantage of Southwest’s from $39 per segment sale! Most flights 450 miles and under per leg are included. Travel must be booked by 6/24/2010 and completed between Sep 8, 2010 and Nov 17, 2010. Additional fees may apply (taxes, etc.)

July Escape Fares (what's left of them)

Typically Chicago is a great place to stay in during July – and why bother leaving? Between the Taste of Chicago and street festivals, it’s a fun place to spend time. But if you truly want to get away, here are some relatively inexpensive destinations for July.San Jose, Costa Rica. Showing from $253 on American... Read more »

Kayak's Explore Tool is the ultimate getaway tool

One of the coolest things that I’ve seen in a while is Kayak’s Explore tool. Want to see what falls into your budget? Have a preference for beaches, gambling or golf? This is the tool for you. Using Kayak’s map-based interface, I’m able to see where my hard earned money can be spent. Find anything... Read more »

Escape Fares for June

This week’s not the week to escape Chicago with the impending Blackhawks win and the US Soccer team taking on the world come this weekend. With that, I thought – which would be more fun to go to, Philadelphia or Africa? There’s no doubt that going to Africa will require time and money and a... Read more »

Learning to Speak a Foreign Language for Free

One of the bigger hurdles on going to a foreign country is being able to communicate. I was reminded on how awful my Spanish was over Memorial Day weekend while I was in Bogota, Colombia. So, now that I’m back and recovered from my trip, it’s time to get learning another language so I’m not... Read more »