Full Body Scanners Show Who's "First Class"

Last week I refrained from making a comment about the TSA agent who attacked another agent for mocking his, well, shortcomings.Mainly I wanted to refrain from making a cheap joke about it, but I wanted to talk about the TSA themselves.

Always an object of derision, I believe the TSA tries to do the best they can given their mandate. Since they can't profile, are not allowed to use common sense, and have to deal with strange rules that comes down from Homeland Security, it's no wonder that the experience varies. I've had awesome TSA agents who crack jokes and who are pleasant individuals at a number of airports, and then run into TSA agents who are total jerks. Unfortunately, the TSA being a bureaucracy, you can't rewards the good ones and punish the bad ones. That's why travel is an adventure before you even leave the ground.

In the case of Rolando Negrin, who allegedly attacked TSA agent Hugo Osorno - I can't condone what he did but I can completely understand. TSA failed at dealing with less than professional agents who continued to mock Negrin and it led him to snap.

This will invariably be first of the long line of issues with full body scanners, with - if we're lucky - capturing some nefarious individual who tries to do something bad before they get on the plane - perhaps 1 out of 20 times. Most likely, images and rumors will be leaked. Can you imagine leak photos of a pop star's pierced genitalia hitting the internet? Or some jerk making a comment about a family member's breasts?

Until then, it'll chalk itself up to another funny story until the next instance where it happens and there's a lawsuit.

Makes you want to drive, doesn't it?

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