Epic Road Trips: Driving from Chicago to France

I'm a sucker for road trips. I always have been, ever since I was a little kid and my mom always thought it would be more fun to drive from Chicago to Florida instead of flying. It's fun - it's a great bonding experience with friends and there's nice and amazing places along the way.

While talking with a Twitter friend of mine yesterday, I laughed and said, screw it, I'm driving it France, and then immediately brought up Google Maps to see how to do it.

Now, I'm cheating. It is technically possible to drive to France - to the island of St. Pierre and Miquelon, right off Newfoundland in Canada. It's around 2200 miles due east and will be a rather scenic drive once you get out of New York and drive through New England. And you will need your passport.

Day one:
Chicago to New York. Utica is around 725 miles away and it's a straight shot on I-90.
Day two: New York to New Brunswick. Utica, NY to Moncton, NB is 758 miles.
Day three: New Brunswick to Newfoundland. You'll have to take a ferry to Newfoundland, which should take 6-7 hours on top of the driving.
Day four: The ferry from Fortune, Newfoundland to St. Pierre. Hurray!

This goes without saying that once you get into Canada, you need to reward yourself with poutine and beer (not while driving, however.) On the way back - why not travel through Montreal and spend a few days there?

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