Wonderfully inexpensive airfares from Chicago (4/27/10)

At Escape from Chicago, I want to share the fun and interesting airfares that I find to leave our beloved city by the lake. Some are fun, some are surprising, and some are just downright strange.

One of the things that irritates me to no end is the dreaded asterisk. You know the one - only $49* each way between Chicago and some city. The * generally means you're going to get screwed. For example, the * between Chicago and London means that you're going to add $200 for taxes and various fees.

So, no asterisk here. What you see is what you'll be paying.

The US:
Spirit Airlines is doing a good job at lowering their fares in the wake of wanting to charge for the overhead bin. Myrtle Beach, SC, for example, is $101 round trip.

Spirit Airlines is charging $121 round trip between Chicago and either Fort Lauderdale or Fort Myers in Florida.

United Airlines and US Airways are charging $200 r/t between here and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

American Airlines is charging $204 r/t between here and St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

Mexico and the Caribbean:
American, Continental and US Airways are charging around $330 between here and Aruba.

Mexicana and American is charging $293 between here and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Central and South America:
TACA Airlines is charging $296 between here and San Jose, Costa Rica. Continental and American aren't too far behind them at $307 and $310, respectively.

Spirit's charging $312 between here and Bogota, Colombia.

American, United, Continental and Delta are charging around $570 r/t between here and Dublin, Ireland.

Round trips to London are high - at $800 per ticket.

If you want an adventure, Istanbul is running around $670-$690 on Air France, Delta and KLM. Turkey also requires a visa that you can get on arrival for $20.

Middle East:
Thought about going to Iran? Me neither, but in case you're up for it, Turkish Airlines is running a special - $754 r/t between here and Tehran.

Turkish is also leading the way in the inexpensive tickets to Dubai ($919 r/t), Amman ($890), Cairo ($876) and Tel Aviv ($868).

But Nick - what about Africa, Asia and Australia? I'll get to that tomorrow. In the meantime, brush up on your Turkish.

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