O'Hare sucks, but...

It seems that every time O'Hare is mentioned, it's always a bad thing. Whether it's on-time performance or amenities, our beloved hometown mega-airport is maligned. But it's not that bad.

Like all airports, O'Hare is a bundle of stress and frustration masquerading as a global hub. And we're lucky as Chicagoans - we have two major airlines with hubs at ORD - United and American. This tends to make for some sweetheart deals if you pay attention to them. And out of the major cities in the US, we can reach O'Hare by the El (good luck with that in New York or LA).

O'Hare also has a great amount of local fare. Terminal One has the Berghoff Cafe, the Billy Goat Tavern. Goose Island is also in Terminal One and Two.Throw in others like Garrett Popcorn, Eli's Cheesecake and Gold Coast Dogs, and it will make you forget about the ubiquitous Starbucks and McDonalds.I was just at LAX on Thursday, and outside of Chili's, I couldn't find anything that wasn't a chain. Same with memories of JFK or La Guardia - boring, uninspired cuisine that makes me long for local food.

And according to AXE, it's also the best place to make a "connection."

O'Hare will also take you non-stop to over 60 countries. How many other airports can say that?

Flying sucks in general, but O'Hare's a great airport once you get used to it. But it's all about perspective. Sure, you're going to walk forever once you get off the El and with bad luck, you'll be stuck there longer than you want to be, but it could be worse. But it's just temporary because you get to leave it and fly somewhere else.


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