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Wonderfully inexpensive airfares from Chicago (4/28/10)

Yesterday I treated you with some of the more inexpensive airfares to leave our beloved Chicago with. I left out Africa, Australia and Asia. After all – who reads long blog posts? Asia:American Airlines is showing $827 r/t between Chicago and Hong Kong (with a pit stop in Tokyo). United Airlines and Continental are showing... Read more »

Wonderfully inexpensive airfares from Chicago (4/27/10)

At Escape from Chicago, I want to share the fun and interesting airfares that I find to leave our beloved city by the lake. Some are fun, some are surprising, and some are just downright strange. One of the things that irritates me to no end is the dreaded asterisk. You know the one –... Read more »

O'Hare sucks, but...

It seems that every time O’Hare is mentioned, it’s always a bad thing. Whether it’s on-time performance or amenities, our beloved hometown mega-airport is maligned. But it’s not that bad. Like all airports, O’Hare is a bundle of stress and frustration masquerading as a global hub. And we’re lucky as Chicagoans – we have two... Read more »

Welcome to Escape from Chicago

As much as I love Chicago, I like to escape it. Whether it’s the lure of fun in the sun during winter or just an adventure, my poor impulse control gets me onto planes heading to all corners of the world. I’m Nick. I’m a 30 something from the 312, I fly over 100,000 miles... Read more »