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Thanks Mr. Scoop Jackson

Thanks Mr. Scoop Jackson
Hello Mr. Scoop Jackson! I have idolized you for quite some time. Watching you on a local Chicago-based sports show at the turn of the century inspired me to want to take the path that you have taken on sports journalism. Over the years of watching my favorite ESPN shows “Around the Horn” and “Pardon... Read more »

Sizing Up Top Chicago Bears Coaching Candidates

Sizing up the candidates for the Chicago Bears coaching vacancy is a tough task. For starters, there are too many potential names. Bears GM Phil Emery is doing his best Santa Claus impression. Emery is checking his list, and he is checking it twice, he is looking for a head coach that fits just right.... Read more »

Katherine Webb Comments: Fair or Foul?

Katherine Webb is a beautiful woman. There it is! I have said it! Katherine Webb, alum of Auburn University, is the reigning Miss Alabama. She is also the girlfriend of Alabama Crimson Tide star quarterback, A.J. McCarron.     The latter is relevant because this past Monday, during college football’s B.C.S. National Championship game, Webb... Read more »