The "Answer Man's" Helper

Even the "Answer Man" needs help at times.

I am a loner.

For anyone who knows me, and very few people do, they will tell you that my preference for being alone is somewhat unhealthy. I have been this way ever since my childhood.

When trouble dawns my door, as the "Answer Man", I face it head-on. Most times I face it quietly, without the use of assistance from anyone.

This is because I am used to assisting others during their times of need.

I can recall the first time that I had to swallow my pride.

It was during my junior year of high school. My grades in computer applications class were atrocious, although I was the “Answer Man” to nearly two-thirds of my class. The woes did not end there. I actually had a GPA of 1.67 at the midway point of my junior year. I kept falling asleep in class. I was not doing my assignments. I refused to do homework. That being said, I was able to pass every test.

Aside from the ACT and SAT tests, colleges and universities were not concerned with test scores – they want to see the grades.

On one fateful day I was sleeping in computer application class. My teacher, whose name escapes me at this moment, I knew she was a rodeo rider during her off-time, placed a call to my grandmother.

My grandmother, at the time was lovely woman nearing her 70's answered the phone and spilled the beans, “Ernest spends much of his time writing and watching Arsenio Hall.” She gave me up, but vowed to get me back on track.

To my teacher, ah yes I can remember now, Ms. Hudson was her name, that was not enough. She enlisted the help of my chemistry teacher Mr. McCollum to keep me in line.

With their help, guidance and the faith that they had in me, I became a changed man. I owe them for my work ethic that I take with me everywhere I go.

The lesson that I learned was that even the “Answer Man” needs assistance and a swift kick in the pants sometimes.


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