Getting Your Man to Commit

Getting your man to commit is not impossible ladies! I am here to tell you how.

If you are in a relationship, or seeking one from someone who suits your interest, ladies there is one damn-near surefire way that you can make him yours for the taking.

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As a man, I know what I like. If we are interested in you, we will seek your attention in a couple of ways. We will get you to commit to us. After that you will be in position to get your man to commit to you.

  1. We will open up some general conversation.
  2. We make a note of the things that are important to you.
  3. We offer you our full attention whenever you are present.
  4. Get you to laugh.

General Conversation

When we have legitimate interest in you, we will ask how you are doing. For us, for anyone, that is pretty general. It is our conversation starter. We judge from your opening response whether or not we should continue.

What You Find Important

Men learn a lot from general conversations. We find out about your work, your kids, your family and most of all, your love life. I maintain that we (men) are stupid at times, but do not underestimate us. We are much smarter than you think.

If you fail to mention a “someone special” our assumptions are that you do not have a man in your life. We come to this conclusion from the keywords that you give us. We know when you make up for a non-existent love life because you talk about keeping yourself busy. You talk about doing things with family, going out for jogs and the occasional “I am going to catch up on my reading” line that you throw in our direction.

Men will inquire about those very things when we are interested in you.

Undivided Attention

Women please understand that a man is interested in you when his world stops the moment you enter the room. Before you misinterpret what you just read, this does not include the times when you are at a night club, bar, etc. In those places you are fair game to the eyes of us – the hunter. There are several hunters on those grounds. That makes it too difficult to determine which man has the best intentions.

When a man stops his daily routine in order to offer his undivided attention, he is yours for the taking ladies. He is laying his trap.


That trap comes in the form of laughter. The key to a woman’s heart is to make smile and giggle. Women will always remember the man who made them laugh. If it turns into a routine, that man becomes part of the regular conversation. It is only so long before other things develop. Getting your man to commit is one step away.


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After things blossom the challenge becomes keeping the love flame on high, in other words – getting your man to commit to you!

We are easy creatures to woo, but we can become spoiled so you must woo us in moderation. Here is the one way you can reel your man in.

  1. Find out the little things that he likes and oblige him from time to time.

What Men Like

Of course most men like sports. We like our cars. We like our video games. We like having sex with you.  Blah, blah, blah! These things are no-brainers. Rarely will men allow women to leverage these things against them. Why? Take it from a man, we can create other options. For as stupid as we can be at times, we are extremely resourceful. We are like a bunch of MacGyvers when it comes to certain things.

These steps cannot be taking when you are getting your man to commit to you.

Instead of wooing men with the no-brainers, take the time to find out the little things that drives us.

There is an interesting blog called 300 Sandwiches that comes to mind. In it, the author talks about how the key to her man’s heart was his stomach. She goes on to detail how making him a sandwich every day, for 300 days helped her snag her beau.

Another example is the speech in the video by basketball Hall of Famer Oscar Schmidt. At the 14:41 mark he talked about meeting his wife-to-be for the first time inside a gymnasium. He was shooting baskets alone before she peeked in. Schmidt proceeds to ask her to pass the basketball for him. She did. In fact, she kept doing it. This went on for days, then weeks. Schmidt knew that he found the love of his life because she was willing to do one simple thing – pass a basketball.

Men can watch sports alone; buy their own car and video games. Men can have sex with someone else. It is harsh, but true. These things will not bring a man close to you. What does the trick is the willingness to remember the little things.

Ironically, we are wired the same way.


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