The Law Saved George Zimmerman, Costing Trayvon Martin His Life

Courtesy of Twitter.

Brief descriptions of both Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Courtesy of Twitter.

With a clear understanding of his rights as a citizen, George Zimmerman took advantage of a situation Trayvon Martin was not aware of.

I know several Trayvon Martins. They are my children; my nephews, nieces and others. At one point in time I was Trayvon Martin. I was full of youth and innocence, with just a touch of knucklehead inside of me.

Listening to the opinions of people speaking about the Trayvon Martin case, watching the hordes of people divided, it further shows why we are as Americans, according to a CNN report, are a divided group. We refuse to see the same picture.

George Zimmerman is not what is wrong in America! All he did was follow the laws that were in place for him as an American citizen.

Right or wrong, Zimmerman obeyed the law. Now he must live with the moral consequences of blatantly murdering a young man who was minding his own business, while we are bound by grief, compelled to offer a reaction to what many feel was a heinous crime being swept under the rugs of society.

Shameful displays of pleasure were witnessed on televisions across America, as well as the words that were used on social media sites. While Trayvon Martin’s family and friends weep and mourn, others celebrated with sickening glee. Never mind the loss of a 17 year-old young man, also never mind the laws that protect those like George Zimmerman.

Zimmerman, who knew the law and understood his rights, chose to get out of his car and heckle a young man whom he believed was up to no good. Zimmerman immediately rushed to judgment. In calling Trayvon Martin a “punk” the ultimate crime was committed.

George Zimmerman was being fribble.

He was too caught up in his attempts to becoming a hero, allowing his prejudices to get the best of him during a time when as an adult. Better decision-making was imperative. By foolishly stepping out of his car to apprehend someone he felt was a criminal suspect, Zimmerman invited a situation that was destined to end tragically.

Place yourselves in Martin’s shoes. Again, I have been Trayvon Martin, actually we all have.

You are minding your own business and you are headed to your destination. Out of nowhere and unexplained comes someone who is a stranger to you. This stranger is not a friendly face, but a confrontational one. How do you react in this scenario?

Similar situations like this have happened to every black man in America over the age of 16. It is the same for young white males who society has labeled troubled.

Imagine being a young woman who gets approached by a stranger, what should be her natural reaction? Should she attempt to smooth over a situation without the knowledge of it escalating into something despicable?

For a moment of clarity forget the letter of the law for now. Think about the options you would have if you were in Trayvon Martin’s shoes.

If you choose to run, you are assuming guilt. If you choose to fight, you can, and in this case, will get killed. If you choose to be diplomatic, understand that the law stands in favor of the stranger who approached you, seeking confrontation.

Trayvon Martin was doomed from the start. The glory-seeking George Zimmerman was able to walk away a free man. Acquitted based on a faulty self-defense law when he clearly was the primordial aggressor.

Zimmerman allowed the stereotypes society puts in place to cloud his judgment. There was no reason for him to leave his vehicle. The fact that he did so was criminal and worthy of prison time on its own merits.

With pure understanding of his rights, including the controversial Stand-Your-Ground Law and self-defense laws Zimmerman took advantage of a perfect situation.

Since when did starting an altercation, only to have the tables turned where the original aggressor becomes the victim equates to self-defense? Zimmerman having his 9mm ensured that he would leave this altercation in on top.

Trayvon Martin had no such advantage.

What’s sad here is the laws that protected Zimmerman are muddied. Things get murkier if Martin had abided by those same laws.

If Martin was legally armed, would the rules work in his favor as it did his murderer? That is a question people are raising at this time. Martin was too young to carry a weapon and Zimmerman was fully aware of this. Again, the laws of the land protected him as they do several others just like him.

Instead of throwing our anger at him, it is time to shift it to the laws which protect him.

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