Fixing a Failed Marriage or Relationship

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Fixing a failed marriage or relationship takes plenty of work. It requires time and patience from both parties involved. In the beginning what most people felt can last forever, ends up a part of their lives that they wish they would have never gone through. Or at least that's what they would say. Fixing a failed marriage or relationship requires a vivid memory.

Do you remember meeting your loved one for the first time? You had this passion in your eye, confidence in your voice and in particular stride in your walk. The person you laid eyes on raced inside of your mind that entire moment.

Were you inspired to speak to them?

Did you receive the eye contact that you had hoped for? Of course you did, that's why you both either said "I do" or swore to maintain your love for each other was long as you can.

What happened to you? Where has the love gone? It went from playing footies underneath the covers to arguing and throwing pots and pans at one another.

Are you still in love with that person?

If so, why not fight for the one that you love?

Here are three ways that can help you while you are fixing a failed marriage or relationship.


Become a Kid Again

When you first fall in love with someone you feel like one of those foolish teenagers, always in love, always in awe and always going head over heels for anything and everything he or she may say. There was nothing that they could do wrong in your eyes. Even the stink of their cologne or perfume turned you on.

What happened to that foolish teenager? Did you lock them in the closet? Why not open your eyes for a moment and be open-minded to the idea of having some carefree fun? That is what you would've done if you were 16 years old. Why not now? This is how you behaved while the both of you were establishing your relationship. You were always holding hands, always talking on the telephone, always acting as if you cannot imagine yourself spending any waking moment apart.

Get back to that point! Do not allow outside interference such as children, family, friends and work stop you from feeling like a kid again. All you have to do is call and tell them how much you missed them while giggling on the phone. Ask them out on a date when you call, just the two of you.

Fixing your failing marriage or relationship could be a carefree giggle away.


Show Your Vulnerability

In the beginning of a relationship, the two people involved are always looking to make the best impression possible. The biggest icebreaker is always the moment that one person or the other show their vulnerable side.

During a failing marriage or relationship this is never the case. Usually, a person would hide their flaws whilst their marriage or relationship is falling down.

When people behave this way they exhibit signs of not being fixable. They do not want you to believe that they are having problems. How many times have you heard someone utter these nine horrible words, "don't worry about it, I got it under control!" They can be doing something as simple as opening a jar of jelly. They do not want your help, despite their struggle, your marriage or relationship is failing.

That is just one of many damaging words that are said during a failing marriage and relationship, have a few quotes that you may also be familiar with.

Use your actions to explain to them that being vulnerable is acceptable. In the case of the jelly jar, just politely open your arms and say, "I would love to help you." Smile when you do this, as it would let them know that although they may have it under control; you are still willing to lend a helping hand as you were in the beginning of the marriage or relationship.


Make Some Mind-Blowing Love to Celebrate Anniversaries

Do you remember when the two of you first got together? Everything was celebrated as if it had never happened in your life. This included the first time you met, the first date, the first kiss and the first time you had sex.

Now allow me to make the distinction between sex and making love. The first time you have sex with each other, one or both of you might have already planned it out in your head how that was going to go. What ends up happening is nothing goes that way. After days or weeks or in some cases even months of kissing, grinding, panting and going home completely aroused, the moment happens and you not ready for it. It just happened.

That is called sex!

Making love is different. After days or weeks or months of kissing, grinding and panting, you go home completely disgusted because that magic moment didn't happen. You end up making a plan that is centered on dinner; perhaps a movie, some unadulterated eye-contact and the full intent of making them remember your name. After all you know all that you need to know about them at this point and you love what you've learned. All that is left is that moment where not only do you act like a teenager but is showing them your vulnerability.

In other words, making love exhibits the two key mannerisms stated previously in which helps when you are fixing a failed marriage or relationship. Making love is a moment of celebration and it should be celebrated during the anniversary in which it happened the very first time. If you do that then make love to celebrate the anniversaries for the days when you first met, the day of your first date and kissed, that covers at least four times a month. This does not include having sex regularly. Making love to celebrate anniversaries can only reinforce your love for one another, thus fixing what is failing in your marriage or relationship.

Try these things and see if it works for you, also offer some feedback on whether or not it helped.

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