Having a Dream


Having a dream in your life is difficult for adults. Our parents or those that raised us never told us that most of our dreams and ambitions are developed during our preteen and teen-aged years. They never suggested how having dreams would be a life chore. As teenagers, we are taught several skills. If we utilize them properly, we set the tone for our lives. With this blueprint, that dream is ever-lasting but more often than not, our dreams fade away.

Upon reading this, how many of you are trying to pick up the pieces, searching for some motivation in your life? If this describes you, raise your hand. Keep your hand up and visualize what it is that keeps you going.

Dreams require work, they also requires patience and time. I know that your arms are growing weary; in fact some of you have already put your arms down. Many of you who have done that are believers in the theory that I will aptly title "I Don't Have Time in My Life to Dream" theory. It is your belief that your life is complete without seeking what you so desire.

I am sorry to break the bad news to you but those who are stuck to laugh at their own jokes, complete their own sentences and rely solely on their kids or parents for dreams are leading dead, lonely lives.

Your parents have lived and will continue to do so. Your children, as many of you already know, are devising a scheme that will get them the hell out of the house. They all have dreams. The only people that can stop those dreams from coming into fruition is you, us and them. Those who have refused to take advantage of the one thing we sought and fought for at their stages, dreams are doing themselves an injustice.

Sure, it’s quite alright to celebrate the dreams of your children and those around us, at the same time, what the f*ck are you doing about your dreams? You know the things that keep you in bed half of your day off?

In the middle of becoming a parent, child, sibling, employee, etc. we forget about ourselves. We allow ourselves to go tattered and torn mentally and physically, giving our last to make sure the special people in our lives are complete. These selfless acts do not complete us, regardless what you or anyone else will tell you.

Living through the actions of your kids is satisfying, but does cover up the hole in your heart?

Your parents may be the greatest but their contributions are not the same. For example, that paper cut you received at work will not garner you the parental kiss on the scar. You will not receive any ice cream unless you treat yourself.

Your friends are there until they are not, why stew around in despair wishing for a change? Isn't it time to realize that dream that you once sought is only obtainable when you reach for it?

Time will only stop when you stop breathing, and as long as you're still breathing, why aren't still trying, trying while you have breath left.

I do not want to wake you for the only way to dream is to sleep, but at the same time, only your actions can turn dreams into realities. As you'll remember, you always had the tools, now all you need is the plan.

Dare to dream.

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