Are Friendships and Companions, Undervalued?

Friendships are one of the many elements that can carry a person through a rough time. We need friends. This is despite what a grumbling person will suggest to you. Along with friends, companionships are important.

Companionships derive from friendships. Some of us immediately rush to the assumption that a companionship is a romantic partnership. We jump to the conclusion that sex is involved, not realizing that companionship are much deeper than 10 minutes of blissful lust. Companionships are the conversations, the laughter that is shared among friends. Sometimes it involves a ménage-a-trios’ of like-minded people that get together and engage in banter.

Companions can be your fantasy football buddies. They can also be the person next door that you invite over for coffee or drinks. Companions or partners or crime was once a commonality, now they are a thing of the past.

People shy away from potential friendships and companions.

Two people can have everything in common, or at least the pertinent things, yet one or the other will refuse the overtures to hang out and loosen up. Most times, they are afraid of the labels that are placed on them.

Just a quick note: A man and woman can be friends, companions even, without a hint of sexual tension.

They can be friends without benefits and maintain healthy relationships with their significant others.

Friendships, companions, they can come in many different forms.

Dogs for example are regarded as man's best friend. As they often where we go and are privy to our most intimate moments. Our trusted companions have the same role. You may not tell your friends that you are $100 short on your rent (mortgage) but your companions will be notified. With them, we share our most vulnerable positions.

Friendships, like associations, they come and go, yet we need them in our lives. Who else will tell us that our haircut needs a little more, well trimming? They do always pick out your flaws, as false friends will do. They uplift your spirits by offering the slightest ramble of nothingness if they know that it will work. Friends are around during their lows, and they stick around long enough for you to experience their highs.

Just another note: If your friends hang out with you when they are single, only to ditch you the moment they are seeing someone, it is time to rethink the friendship.

Some people (myself included) will go searching for what strikes their interest. Once they get bored, they go to the next interesting subject.

I am guilty of this when it comes to my hobbies, place of employment, passions in life and my friends.

In life, we bore easily. Some of the stories that we hear become carbon copies of the story from two months ago.

Sameness ruins everything that was once a strong foundation.

The punishment is being shut out of people’s lives.

We are supposed to have the pulse of our friends on our minds at all times, regardless what we are dealing with.

We undervalue our friendships and companionship!

Too often, do we give while not reciprocating, all without asking for anything as we were taught during our youth? At the same time, we ignore those that will go to Hell and back with us just so we do not have to fight alone.

The question that I ask is why do we do this? Why do we undervalue the people who place us on pedestals while praising those that treat us like trash?

As I continue to search for the answer, I promise not to become bored.

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