Louder Than A Bomb Finals

If you love poetry or if you are interested in what the youth of Chicago are up to, Young Chicago Authors will host the Louder Than A Bomb team finals tonight. The event takes place at the Cadillac Palace, 151 West Randolph from 6-9pm. Expect a variety of poets and poetry lovers on hand for the annual event. I will not be surprised if a few local celebs take in the scene as well.

The poetry scene is always white-hot in Chicago, especially amongst the teenagers. I always wondered what was on minds of my children as they face the day-to-day rigors of life. The raw nature of how they deliver their pieces serves as a loud and powerful voice. Their thought process, how they factor certain elements of their life as well as how they relate to others are all on display.

Filmmaker Greg Jacobs and his partner Jon Siskel of Siskel/Jacobs Productions experienced the power of poetry as well. It inspired them to produce the “Louder Than A Bomb” documentary which has received so many awards and was featured on the OWN Network in early 2012 as a part of Oprah Winfrey’s documentary series. Jacobs found that to be “an amazing opportunity” to be one of the 12 films that aired.

The “Louder Than A Bomb” film follows four high school poetry teams around the city, cover their entire journey including the highs and lows, leading up to the 2010 Louder Than A Bomb finals. Showing each child in their habitat was a good way to understand their voices. For the full Greg Jacobs interview, you can click here.

For centuries, people have used poetry as a way of expressing their feelings. Those feelings range from social issues, love, pain, struggles and triumphs. For parents who want to get a read on their children, poetry provides a good feel. For people who want to express themselves, poetry is a great way to release the pressure. Poetry has developed several relationships and strengthened others.

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