Facebook, We Have a Problem

Facebook, I have a bone to pick with you!

You have allowed people who are not good in social settings be mistreated by jerks who sit behind the scenes of their cell phones, desktops, laptops, iPads and tablets. The yellow-bellied chickens, some of you are reading this right now; somehow get a heart faster than the cowardly lion discovers his voice in the great movie “The Wizard of Oz” and “The Wiz” (just in case you are one of the gazillion Michael Jackson fans). These people have created chaos from reading the statuses of others, commenting like clowns without a fear of the repercussions. These people have typed out statuses of their own, which are demeaning and hurting, lacking of heart and natural affection.

Where is the love Facebook?

Why are you promoting such drivel?

This takes me to a place where a good friend of mine lives. It is the virtual reality world. Garrett, as he will be known by here eats, sleeps and s##ts Facebook. He searches out women from every area on the globe and befriends them, only to find him blocked for saying something that he should not have. This is after someone has said something cruel to him.

Garrett is charming and caring, but aloof. He is led to believe that Facebook is the way to go if he wants acceptance from the beautiful faces that the virtual reality world brings. Sadly, he fits the profile of someone who is doomed to be ‘catfished’ or as the youth of today may call Te’oed. Others, along with me try to warn Garrett about the evils of Facebook, but to no avail. The foolish and faulty of hearts wants what it wants. Garrett only wants to be loved but the meanies on Facebook are not the people to provide that for him.

The people bully him, chastise him, cuss him and any other thing they can do to make him feel unworthy.

He is no different from other people that seek social refuge on Facebook and sites just like it, as long as they do not have to face the person who rejects them or bully them then everything is ok. Except that, it is not.

Being rejected on social media sites carries more of a sting than we realize. Facebook is sometimes a person’s last hope at being somebody. It is a falsehood that if you have a host of Facebook friends you are the man or you are the woman. The illusion is created about you being cool if your status about a cat being caught in the dryer receives a ton of likes.

Call it what you want to but I call it a desperate plea for love. Facebook, you are allowing people to be misled. You are selling people hope, while leaving them to hang out to dry creating more social problems than they had when they first signed on to Facebook.

Facebook, we have a problem!

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