Valentine's Day Dating Ideas

Looking for a place to go out on a date for Valentine’s Day, I will be glad to offer my assistance.

Sometimes a relationship needs a shot in the arm, or the heart for that matter. Do you want to step up and be the one who gives the loved one a jolt in the arm? Finding the right place to chat and laugh goes a long way into redeveloping the chemistry that may have grown stagnant.

First, you want to set the tone early. You should do this with a simple phone call or text message that says “hello love, happy Valentine’s Day.” Doing so will let that special someone know that they were the first person on your mind. So many brownie points can be won this way and everything works to perfection when he or she has that day-long smile on their faces.

This may not work for the married couples or those who are “shacking up”. You’ll have to do something different. Try something subtle such as getting up early to have breakfast and coffee ready for a few extra minutes in bed. Take the time to cuddle and caress your mate as it assures them of a great day ahead.

The second thing that has to be done is the purchase of a random subtle item that will serve as a gift.

For men, our go to move is buying flowers, stay away from that. Take that money and buy a sweet smelling fragrance or a complimentary piece of jewelry. Those items will have use for the evening to come, as well as the evenings ahead. Besides, what will she remember more, the dozen of roses or the bracelet you bought her?

For women, keep in mind how simplistic we are when it comes to subtle gifts. We love tickets to the game, so on and so forth. A nice cap always does the trick. It is something we would wear while we are out together. Nothing says love better than saying “my insert your role here (wife, girlfriend, baby-mother) got this hat for me”.

Lastly, pick a place to eat.

One of my favorite places is Prime Time. It is located in Hickory Hills, a suburb southwest of Chicago and just a few blocks west of Chicago Ridge. The food, primarily steak and pasta, is outstanding and the atmosphere is tailor made for a date.

I would recommend the Greek Chicken or the Prime Rib.

Prime Time is located at 7750 W. 95th St.

If you cannot get to Hickory Hills, I understand, so enlisted the help of a few friends who had some suggestions.
For you north-siders, Elizabeth C. recommends Café Ba-Ba-Reeba.

Café Ba-Ba-Reeba is located on 2024 N. Halsted St. It is Spanish cuisine, made to perfection.

Fellow ChicagoNow blogger Evan M. recommends Kuma’s Corner on 2900 W. Belmont. If you and your date are burger lovers this is a perfect place. The Led Zeppelin has my immediate attention.

If you want a great taste that is a break from the food norm, take your date out to Ruxbin on 815 N. Halsted. Josh L. recommends a wonderful place where you can find delicious Duck Breast and tasty Shrimp and Grits.

Now that the dating ideas are firmly planted in your head, I am going to figure out where I will be as well. Until next time you romanticists.

P.S. I haven’t forgotten about the single people out there. Your turn is coming up in the hours leading up to Valentine’s Day. I will help you be noticed by that special someone of your dreams.

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