A Single Person's Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is not only for those who are in relationships; single people should be able to partake in the festivities as well. You have no one to go out on a date with, no problem. That cannot deter you from enjoying yourself. Besides, you are not the only one. Valentine's Day is one for the loved and lonely. If you are one of the lonely, search around the city to see what places have special promotions. Afterwards, gather your girls or your boys and enjoy a night on the town.

Stay away from the restaurants that do not have a full liquor bar. Places that don't have a bar, are places that are tailor made for dating. They are not ideal for people looking for Mr. or Ms. Right. Avoid these places at all cost.

Go to the bar but not a nightclub. They are cheaper and guaranteed to be filled with people who are on the outside looking in of the dating scene.

Gentlemen, this is strictly for you guys; round up a few friends and catch a chick-flick. The theatre will be full of women who can only dream of Mr. Right. They will be intrigued by the gentlemen who took the time out and came to see a movie that usually only they would watch. It is a perfect way to earn brownie points.

Ladies, I hope that you are receptive to the reasonable gentlemen that approach you. That does not mean that you entertain the first guy who pays any attention to you. Be selective!

Keep in mind that just because it is Valentine’s Day, it is not mandatory that you go out. It is a Thursday night, there will probably be a larger pool of single people galloping about during the weekend. Valentine’s Day should not require any pressure if you are single. Have some fun dammit!

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