Sex!!! And Other Things to do While it is Cold Outside

Somewhere, somebody is barricaded underneath some covers wishing for a cohort to join them. In the meantime, their hands begin to shift towards the warmest, darkest areas of the human anatomy they can touch, rub and caress.

In another place, somebody is sipping on a warm cup of hot cocoa, while wanting to share a hot toddy with someone dear and near. They are wishing to be told an adult bedtime story and to be tucked in the righteous way, the sensual way.

The scenes are set with the proper music playing to create the mood. Somewhere, somebody is thinking about sex and three other things they can do while it is cold outside.


Movie Night

Watching a good movie is one thing that can be done when the weather is f’ing cold out. It can be a comedy or a popcorn action-flick. This will keep you entertained for the time being. When it is all said and done, you want to be entertained. What better way to do it than making many of those cold nights, movie nights.


Go Out and Eat

I understand that it is cold outside but that means the restaurants will most likely be empty. You don’t have to fight for seating and you are certain to get the best service ever. It is no big secret that servers love seeing patrons in their restaurant after a slow day. They want your tips!

Go out with someone special. If you don’t have someone special in your life, that should not hinder you. Take your laptop or tablet, have a drink and be productive. Hell, you might meet Mr. or Ms. Right while you are out. The cold weather is usually a very lonely time. Maybe two hearts can be cured here.

To my southsiders, may I recommend this restaurant named Y B Hungry. It is located a few blocks west of the Chicago Ridge Mall. The place is small, but intimate and the people there are wonderful.


Start a Blog

If you haven’t noticed by now, blogging is good for the soul. You can speak your mind and introduce yourself to a world full of like-minded people. It is always a good thing to warm up to a good book as they say, but instead of reading, you are creating something for others, while entertaining yourself.


Have Sex

Sex is always great when it is cold out. Just look at all of the birthdays from the months of June until September. Nothing keeps you warmer than 10-45 minutes of friction between two people that want each other.

Take the time to cozy up to someone special, while playing some beautiful music. Afterwards, kiss them softly in order to set up some foreplay (the longer you engage in foreplay, the warmer you will get). Once the vibe is right and the bodies are aroused, create your own movie marathon featuring nothing but passion.


I hope these suggestions help you out during these cold days. ‘Til next time!

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