Katherine Webb Comments: Fair or Foul?

Katherine Webb is a beautiful woman.

There it is! I have said it!

Katherine Webb, alum of Auburn University, is the reigning Miss Alabama. She is also the girlfriend of Alabama Crimson Tide star quarterback, A.J. McCarron.



The latter is relevant because this past Monday, during college football's B.C.S. National Championship game, Webb was seen cheering for McCarron as he was leading the Crimson Tide to a second consecutive championship. Webb, along with McCarron's mother, DeeDee Bonner, drew the immediate attention of ESPN television analyst, Brent Musburger. What followed was 30 seconds of awkward fawning over the two attractive Crimson Tide fans.

In the video shown below, Musburger becomes the creepy uncle that Webb never wanted.

During his goo-goo, gaga-fest, Musburger said on national television, "If you're a youngster in Alabama, start getting the football out and throw it around the backyard with pops."

I can picture crotchety older men grabbing their sons and grandsons by the arm, saying, “C’mere son let’s get you that purty girl by throwing the pigskin around.”


Brent Musburger


Where do you stand on the comments made by Mr. Musburger? Whose words began an unnecessary sh*tstorm that turned Webb into an instant celebrity.

If you did not know who Katherine Webb was before Monday night’s game, you do now.

Personally, I found nothing wrong with Musburger’s comments. He saw two attractive women and he wanted to acknowledge their beauty. Where is the harm in that?

Men, we see a gorgeous woman, are we to ignore her?

We do not have to start a cattle call when she walks past, because that is ignorant and rude. We can turn to her and say, “good morning” or “how are you”. These (should be) general interactions do not result in disrespectful behavior usually.

Forgive me if I am wrong here, but when did complimenting a woman for her looks become taboo?

If we never took the time to become enamored in someone’s looks, how many of us would find suitable partners to date?

If someone tells you that looks aren’t important when they are choosing someone to date, they are a f*cking liar. We all look to find someone who is attractive to us. That’s how we got here, and that’s how our children got here.

If there was a problem with Musburger’s comments, it was the venue.

Primetime television, with millions of people watching, is not the place for Musburger to foam at the mouth. You cannot do that in this overly sensitive society, where if someone of significance scratched their nose, and then their butt, the Twitter feeds light up faster than you can say the word, go.

We can credit Musburger for being honest. He saw something that he liked and spoke about it. He even had Kirk Herbstreit co-signing his thoughts. Musburger also boosted Webb’s profile. By the time the game was over, her Twitter followers rose from a couple of thousand to over 230,000. All thanks to the “evil” Brent Musburger.

At this point, more people are talking about Webb than they are about McCarron. How far has her celebrity status grown? Webb just made an appearance on the “Today Show”.

DeeDee Bonner and friends.


Again, Katherine Webb is a beautiful woman, and so is DeeDee Bonner. Musburger and Herbstreit acknowledged the obvious in front of millions. If the Twitter-heads and other social media roamers had not made a big deal about it, this would be a non-story. Unfortunately, in a world where innocent admiration can turn into something ugly, the Katherine Webb-Brent Musburger story has legs.

At least it didn’t turn into something disrespectful, like the Twitter post of the Arizona Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett.

Aye @_katherinewebb hit me (240) 464-4150 when game over, lets go to wing stop then King of diamond,

We should be making a bigger stink about his post rather than the summation of a widely respected sports analyst.

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