Wonderful Word Hello

Have you ever watched a romantic movie and it left you love struck? The whole time it is on, you are wishing that life worked that way for you. Every woman wants a man with the determination and patience of Noah from the movie, "The Notebook". Every man wants to pinch themselves after experiencing their first moment when a woman appears before them much like the Bo Derek scene from the movie “10”. We are all dreamers. We all dream about that awe-inspiring moment.

While you are reading this, I must ask you a question. Ever watched the movie "Jerry Maguire?" The movie features the famous line "show me the money"! There was another line in the movie that became famous. Renee Zellweger said it. She told Tom Cruise "you had me at hello." It was an admission of one of relationship's endangered species, love at first sight.

For those who are too young to remember, love at first sight was once a regular occurrence. Two people would wander about with their eyes until they wound locked on a target. As it is now, staring at a person too long is f'ing creepy. (Much like the young woman staring as I write this on the train. Back to my original thought... tangents often lead to roads of nowhere.) One of the guilty passersby’s would stop and start a general conversation (for those of you who are taking notes, jot this down). General conversations begin with the wonderful word hello. That word is usually followed up with a complimentary remark. Giving credence to a blouse, cap, jacket, even tennis shoes would get the attention. It works because it is not sexually motivated. What it does is it makes the person aware that you have paid attention to their details. Afterwards, pleasantries would be exchanged and maybe telephone numbers as well. That is unless they were certain to meet again.

The first glance was the recognition; the initial conversation was the presentation. Both the recognition and presentation always had that 'meet cue moment'. It was that wonderful word "hello". In addition, it always involved personal interactions.

How this would end depended solely on the two individuals. Nowadays people rely heavily on social media and text messaging to get in their "hello".

This way there is no personal interaction. You never have to worry about a person's body language because you cannot see the person that likes your status, replied to your tweet or sent you a text. People have become lazy with their interactions. When did it become cool to receive an invitation to a birthday party via social media?

As I have stated, there is no physical interaction. There is no 'real' conversation to value. At one point, meeting and greeting was at an all-time high. So was love at first sight. We often wonder why breakups are common. Despair and loneliness have become standard. Well, maybe everyone has lost their way. If we remembered what movies like "The Notebook" and "10". Have taught us, we will find our way back. For me, the movie was a Chicago-based movie about poetry. Whatever movie it was that taught us how to pattern our relationships, we must look back to when finding and falling in a four-letter word, or meeting and greeting required a five-letter word.

It is the wonderful word, "hello".

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