F-ing (Missing that Ole Feeling)

Question for you lovers and lusters out there, when was the last time you dusted off your old bag of tricks? What tricks am I referring to? Hide your children or anyone else that may not want bore themselves with this awful word, SEX! It is also know has getting laid, getting some, rolling in the sack and just plain ole f***ing. I am not talking about the regular, "get it in three minutes, now it's time to go to bed" type of whatever you call it. I am talking about the "oh my goodness, I came strong and now I need a cigarette," type of whatever you call it.

For some people, I maybe it has been a long time. If so, you have my permission to roll over and slap the hell out of the person that you're with because of the principle. After you slap them, tell them that you want to be wowed. The wham-bam isn't going to cut it; neither is just lying there like a rock.

Ladies, let me ask you, are you satisfied with a man who only has interest in taking few pumps, have his "moment", then get up?


To the gentlemen out there, is it pleasurable to have a woman just lay there? Where is the fun in that?

Who should I address first, men or women? I will go with the women because our attention span is shorter and I think that I should get how to please us out of the way.

Where is the foreplay? Ladies, in the beginning of a relationship or in the random time of passion, every trick in the book is thrown our way. You are trying your best to leave a nice, dirty lasting impression on us. You kiss us with emphasis, everywhere that you can kiss us. When you kiss us down below, you treat that muscle with care and attention to detail. You wowed us with your oral tricks and had us where you wanted us. Your leg movements served as sexual cheerleaders. With every movement requesting our thrust, we become further drawn to you. You have tamed us, but shortly after you change. Now the kissing is gone, so has the oral sex, and the leg movement is gone. You are as stiff as a board.

Damn, it has been a long time since I've had your arms wrapped around me. Your legs draped across my waist, your back scratching and moaning is cheering me on. You had me so aroused with the slightest pull of your lips. Damn I miss this feeling when are you going to bring it back to me.

Oh wait, there are a few things that I must do to make you feel good.


Kissing is a two-way street. I must place emphasis on the way that I kiss you. It is how I kiss you, when I kiss you and where I kiss you.

As men, we tend to ignore what pleases you. You have a vagina with lips and select crevices that will explode if they are kissed in the proper places. Only you truly know where your G-Spot is. I may guess (I have a clue), sometimes I will guess correctly but I cannot even think about finding it if I don't go pleasure seeking between your thighs. I must remember you have other body parts I must pay attention to. These include your breast. It is okay for me to use my hands. You have not been caressed in quite some time. I keep asking you to do things to me but I have not attempted to do things to you.

There is a disconnection between us. We both yearn for what is between each other's thighs, missing the ole feeling that we once shared. When we wowed each other, we did everything possible. We kissed, licked, sucked and f**ked our way into each other's dreams, only to have those dreams become faded memories of when we used those ole bags of tricks to lull each other in.

This all begs the question, when did it all become so stale?

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