"Offering Bait" (Chemistry Lesson No. 1)

Ever had great chemistry with someone you met during a chance meeting? Of course, you have!

The conversation is going well, mutually you are enjoying the connection. You keep a slither of hope that the feeling that has come over you can develop into something stronger.

Your first mind suggested you wanted coffee but now , now, you want dessert. Go ahead and lament on that thought of tasty treats for a while. You are entranced. You are fixated on the curve of their lips as they offer a tiny morsel of their story. As they discuss a few vital details, you have imagined their touch, their kiss and their taste, all of which has traces in the fragrance they are wearing.

Looking for chemistry ladies and gentlemen, look no further than at the couple to your

They have what you are seeking. They have created their bond.

Everybody that doesn't have that, wants it. If they tell you otherwise, they are fucking liars!

We all have imagined a bond created from undeniable chemistry.

Fellas remember the first time that you fell, stories down and head over hills for her. From the shades of her eyes, to her "breath" of her voice, you were a victim from the start.

Ladies, remember having a 9 1/2 Weeks moments repeatedly? Do you recall hearing him speak your name, to the way that he touched you? Finally, you have someone who is not afraid to explore you.

You both got there because of chemistry, now how can you keep it?

Over the next few days, I will offer chemistry lessons. We all need them sometimes. I will start with the possible beginning of something orgasmic. Two people meet each other; they have shared laughter, suggestive body language and flirtatious glances. They also have shared a few things about each other.

This is what I call “Offering Bait”.

I will break down this scenario while only focusing on the ladies this time…

I was approached with this conversation the other day:

"We seem to hit it off really well, but after developing what I thought was the beginning of something brand new and good, I have received very little response from them. What does that usually mean?"

First thing you want to look for is the conversation's content. How much of yourself did you reveal? It is different for men than it is for women.

For men, we decide our intentions within the first hour of talking to you. While it is true that we wanna sex it up with you, are intentions become amendable after a stimulating talk.

Here is what you SHOULD NOT DO>>>

Ladies, what you want to do is stay away from your past sexual exploits if you want something to last past the first moment of passion. You will send us mixed signals if you talk about sex during the first meaningful conversation. Do men like to talk about sex? Well, let me just say we like hearing about what you would like to do to us. If we haven’t had a bite to eat yet, talking about sex upfront leaves everything else off the menu.

If you have children, mention them, but keep the “baby father” history out of the conversation.

Here is a little known secret about men, we are judging from the moment you mention your children. We are listening for specifics. How many children you have is irrelevant to us. We look to hear how many “baby fathers” you have and we wait for you to give us any thought of, “I don’t need a man for my children, I can take care of them by myself.”

Saying that will push most real men away. When only hear that you will never accept us in the role of the boyfriend, fiancée or husband, while being a male figure around your children. To be blunt about it, a man can fuck you, but you will not allow him to raise a family with you. This is a bad proposition even if the two of you have kids together. They will always be division in your home if this is your attitude.

Here is what you SHOULD DO<<<

Be a lady, men like it when you are a lady. We look for your feminine side to show up in conversation.

There is nothing more attractive to me than imagining the look of your smile over a phone conversation. If you are not a telephone phone talker, sneak a picture message of you smiling as a reminder of the good time you shared, do keep your clothes on though.

If you mention your children, talk about their accomplishments.

When they achieve, you achieve. Any man that wants a future with you will want confirmation that you are a damn good mother. Just the mere mention of an honor student forces men to look at you different.

Talk sexy, not sex.

Again, putting your sexual exploits on the table before you have set foot at a table leaves everything else off the menu. Do you want to be somebody’s something special, or just a booty call? You are in control here. Instead of how talking about how well you can move your hips and blow off all his steam, calmly sit upright. Slowly sip your beverage afterwards and tease him by touching his hand. Say whatever is on your mind, you have his attention. Mention his cologne, his shirt, and then make a mention about what you are wearing. Do not ask “do you like my dress”, that is a setup question that will not get a genuine response. Instead, say “I saw that you were staring at my dress”. His response will be unfiltered and sincere. His focus is solely on you.

This will get a man’s imagination going and nothing is more powerful than an imagination.

Okay, lesson “Offering Bait” is over. Come back for the next lesson when I will go inside the minds of the men.

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