What Men Want (Act Two): Lasting Impressions

Men want so many things and according to you, we are never satisfied. According to you, we will keep looking to get over. We as men seldom want to settle. Why do that when we can make our situations better. According to you, what is better does not include you.

Again, that is according to you.

Our plans with you are seldom revealed. Rest assured, if we feel that you are worth the world, we will go out and get it for you, or as much of the world that we can afford.

You don't realize just how easy we are.

Many of us want a challenge. It makes men feel invincible when we conquer an obstacle. Sh*t our pride is on the line when we are forced to prove our worth. This is especially true in the one area that many of us are lacking, the bedroom.

The one place where our egos can be either stroked or crushed is the bedroom. After all, of the talking and staring at each other, we want to confirm where we stand with you. What happens after that moment depends on the impression you leave us.

The lasting impression is the most important element you need to build a relationship with us. It gives a conscious to the coldest of hearts. And it does not always include sex.

Lasting impression - Putting your best effort forward by showing how wonderful your world could be if the other party was to commit for future engagements.

The lasting impression can be, in its simplest form, a subtle glance. We yearn for that. The lasting impression could be the way you listen to us and pay attention to our details. We live for that. The lasting impression could even be the way you playfully decline our sexual advances. We respect for that if it is done the right way.

Contrary to popular belief, we want to desire every inch of you. It is easy for us to do that when you make us earn it. Although we rarely turn it down when it is easy, according to you, we treat you like our prized acquisitions when we have to put forth an effort.

That effort is revealed once you leave a lasting impression on us.

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