What Men Want (Act One)

What do men want? I get asked that question all of the time.

Sorry for the delay, life gets in the way sometimes. Now where were we? Are you still trying to find your way with men? You still don’t know what we want? Let me be your guide!

Please understand that men are simple creatures. All that we require in a relationship are the three F’s: fun, food and fun (he-he)! A famous comedian (Chris Rock) once said in his standup “feed me, f*** me and shut the f*** up” (hide the kids)!

Most of that is true. We want to be fed and we will be fed no matter what. As for the fun parts, you must fill in the blanks for now. What I will say is that we love to have fun with you. The out-and-about type of fun and bedroom fun. We also like to laugh with you.

One of the reasons why we became interested in you in the first place is being able to laugh with you. It goes beyond your beauty. Laughter is what makes you attractive to us. As men, we find ourselves saying, “damn she is sexy and she is witty, I can’t wait to experience more.” When you take the fun away, you lose us. Life is serious and it should be taken that way, but you still HAVE to be willing to let your hair down and show your fun side.

Behind closed doors, in the bedroom, oh wait… must save that for another time (he-he)!

To make a long story short, the woman that we fell for must not change. When she does, we will shut it down! You at least have to show some signs of that woman you were when we first had that wonderful conversation. You'll have us where you want us, just say the magic words, but you MUST make us work for the three F’s if you want us to stay. Do not just hand it over on a silver platter. The man that will wait for it is willing to stay. Usually we have already sized up the possibility of pursuing something that will last past 30 days with you. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Many of us want the same things that you want. Oh wait, what am I saying, you want everything!

We don’t want everything, we just want YOU. If you are everything, we will take that. You are in control if you make us work for it. Real men love to put in work. Once you show us shades of who you are, you cannot change it. When you do, we will shut it down! We want what we already have, what you have shown us.

We other things too.

We want companionship. We want a life-partner who is willing to show her vulnerability to us. We like to know that we are important. Notice that I did not say being in charge or in control. We want to be your lover, not your boss. You work with us, not for us. We do not want a yes-woman. If a man ever tells you otherwise, do not waste your time. That man will make your life miserable. You’ll be stuck with one of your friends telling you that it’s over for you and him, but it’s not over for you. Above all things, we want you to be yourself. Exhibit every attribute that made us want to be around you in the first place.

We promise to love you for it.

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