Love or Obsession: Beware of "Bush Jumpers"

Love can make people do some crazy things. I have not said anything that you don’t already know. It's hard to believe just how crazy a person can become, all because they are blinded by love, or the “illusion” of love.

I was watching “The Trisha Goodard Show” yesterday, on the show there was a guy who could not let go of his obsession over his “cheating” girlfriend. This fella (whom I will leave nameless) pulled out all of the stops. He risked his job (lost two jobs according to the show) in this ragged economy by going in late or leaving early just to see what the hell she was doing. Not only did he risk his employment, but he crept around and recorded his girlfriend, checked her panties for traces of “love moments” and made her go to work with him so that he could mind her comings (pun intended) and goings. That’s love dammit! Nothing says I love you more than having the person that supposedly loves you scratch and sniff your funky drawers.

It is too bad that she didn’t have an “unexpected accident” in her undies. That would have taught him a lesson.

Do me a favor and avoid the “Bush Jumpers” in your life.

What is a “Bush Jumper” you say?

A “Bush Jumper” is that person you meet who obsesses over you so much that they would jump out of a bush just to say that they caught you doing something. They shout out something like, “gotcha (I’m practicing my stance and leap as we speak), you thought that you could have some fun without me!” Then they turn around and tell you how much they love you.

Is it love when you force your way into every facet of a person’s life without their consent? Some people call that marriage, but seriously, that’s an obsession. You can’t see yourself living without them, so you justify that by being everywhere they are. It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable that makes them feel. That is not love, sorry to break the news to you.

Back to the show, Trisha Goodard mentions the “dreaded” lie-detector test. Both the guy and his girlfriend have taken one. “Wait a sec, why is he taking a lie-detector test if he is the one accusing his girlfriend of cheating?” Those were my exact words at the time. He then admits to have contacted his ex because he wanted to comfort her in a time of need. “Is this guy cheating on her, after all that he has put her through? Why is she putting up with this clown?” I must admit that she was easy to look at and could have done much better for herself than that guy. Back to my train of thought…The results were read and the “cheating” girlfriend passes with flying colors. The guy on the other hand, apparently between getting to work late and leaving early just to catch his girlfriend in the act, found time to get some loving on the side. It can’t be the “Bush Jumper” getting his groove on while pointing the finger at his girlfriend.

That was a typical moment. A person’s obsession got confused with the word love. In the end, these obsessions only lead to disaster, according to the Trisha Goodard episode. The accuser allowed his “love” for his girlfriend to lead him to become the cheater. I wonder if he realized that he was the only one doing the cheating, most likely so.

Beware of “Bush Jumpers”!

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