Ragnar Chicago: When the wurst is not the worst

wurst_ragnar_team_ever_2014After last year's experience with Ragnar Chicago I knew I wanted to do it again but under MY terms. Which meant it was time for me to be a team captain. And, thus, the Wurst Ragnar Team Ever was born.

Why the Wurst? Because a good chunk of us came from the Wurst Running Club Ever. And, really, what's better than a sausage and beer themed team for a race that starts in Madison, Wisconsin and ends in Chicago, Illinois?

We had some hiccups including Ragnar giving us a 12:30PM start time which I thought was too late. But after I emailed several people and asked about it via Twitter we got it changed to 11:00 AM.

Then one of our runners ended up being injured and it took us until a few hours before we left for Madiragnar_chicago_exchangeson on Thursday to find a replacement. Our replacement runner had ZERO idea what he was in for (wait, you mean we finish on SATURDAY?) but he did an awesome job.

Finally, when I went to pick up our vans I was informed that one of our van reservations had been canceled by someone that wasn't me and they only had one van for us. Uh, that was going to be a problem. Thankfully the travel agency I used to book them (Marathon Travel Packages, by the way) was amazing and pulled a second van out of thin air and drove it to our pick-up location.

So, with all the logistics sorted out, off we went.

This year I was in Van 1 for the first time and ran my legs at 12:30 PM (OMG SO HOT), 11:00 PM (OMG HILLS), and 7:30 AM (OMG PERFECT). I ended up trading the more difficult Runner #4 spot to be Runner #3. I'm so glad I did. My runs all went very well even though I admit I complained for about 12 hours about those stupid hills.

Overall I had a great time with my van full of dudes. It was 5 male runners, my husband who drove us around, and me. Hilariously, Van 2 was 5 female runners. their female driver, and one dude. I swear I did NOT plan itwrte_van_1 that way on purpose.

Just like every year, when I'm tired and grumpy on Saturday at 4PM and just want to be home I think "I'm never doing this again." But then a few days later and I think, yeah, okay, maybe...

I even have a great idea for a team name next year - "Team ISIS: Your authority is not recognized in van AWESOME!"

Who wants in?

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