What I learned from the Runners' World Run Streak

If you've been following along on Facebook (and if not, why not?) you know that this year I decided to participate in the Runners' World Holiday Run Streak. What did that mean? It means I pledged to run at least one mile per day starting on Thanksgiving and ending on New Year's Day.

I admit I was a teeny bit hesitant about doing this considering I rarely run more than two days in a row for fear of injury AND it would mean that some days I would have to run before work (my least favorite thing). But, it's one mile. It's less than 10 minutes for me. I had access to a treadmill the entire time in case of inclement weather, plus I wasn't really traveling for the holidays. What possible excuses did I have?

How did it pan out? Here's the skinny:

Total days in the official challenge: 35 (Although I admit I tacked on a few extra at the beginning because I like my training weeks to start on Mondays)

Days missed during the official challenge: 0

Number of treadmill miles: 35.2

Number of outdoor miles: 66.12

Total miles run: 101.32

Average miles run per day during the challenge: 2.89

If you want to see how it all played out, here's a link to the calendar I used to keep track of my workouts. Or, if you're more interested in knowing what I learned, scroll through the gallery below.

But I think the most interesting thing I learned is that I CAN run more than two days in a row as long as I make sure to run smart. Slow runs after fast runs. Shorter runs after longer runs. That kind of stuff. Overall, I really enjoyed this streak. Sure, there were days when I didn't want to run, but I always felt better after I did. I will definitely do this again next winter!


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