9 Facts about Life: One Post at a Time (Interview with a ChicagoNow blogger)

<strong>Why do you blog?</strong>
To make people laugh, sometimes cry (in a good way) and mostly to feel normal – I guess I like to evoke some good emotion from my readers.  I like to let other moms/parents know that we are all experiencing the same situations and emotions.  As parents, sometimes we all feel that we need to portray perfect and really, we are not all perfect, we are messy and stuff happens – and it can be funny, if you let it be funny.    We all have the ability to look at a situation, see the truth of it and find the funny.</br> 
Personally, I started out with long posts on Facebook.  I gravitated to the funny in a situation and then posted.  I was finding that many of the posts that I was reading on Facebook were negative.  I was trying to counteract the negative.  The feedback that I received from people reading my posts led me into blogging.  I also found that I had an opportunity to say just a little bit more with blogging.</br>  
<br>I used to worry about writing about my family.  But, my boys are funny guys and we all love to laugh here.  Now when something funny happens they actually say, “You should write about that!”  </br>
Many of you have have been reading this here blog since before I transitioned to ChicagoNow, back when I was on Blogger. One of the reasons I ended up moving to ChicagoNow was for the opportunities but it’s also given me a great community of other bloggers who all blog about different topics, have different... Read more »

Ragnar Chicago: When the wurst is not the worst

After last year’s experience with Ragnar Chicago I knew I wanted to do it again but under MY terms. Which meant it was time for me to be a team captain. And, thus, the Wurst Ragnar Team Ever was born. Why the Wurst? Because a good chunk of us came from the Wurst Running Club... Read more »

Road Runner Sports Adventure Run: Join me!

I’ve been busy these past few weeks so I haven’t had time to write about trying out Sproing Fitness or my upcoming Ragnar Relay. I did manage to get featured on the Chicago Running Bloggers’ Meet the Blogger Series, though. You can check that out here. So, yes, I owe you more than few posts.... Read more »

Cleveland Half Marathon: We came, we ran, we conquered

Cleveland Half Marathon: We came, we ran, we conquered
I recently wrote a post about training for the Cleveland Half Marathon where I featured the perspective of my friend, Rae as she trained for her first half marathon. Training takes weeks and months and the race goes by so quickly. At least, that’s what happened for us. One of my favorite parts about running... Read more »

Where I became a runner

On Monday I wrote about the Illinois Half Marathon and why it holds such special place in my heart. One of the things I didn’t mention is that not only does it take place in my hometown, my hometown is also where I became a runner. I ran my first 5K in 2007. And afterward... Read more »

Illinois Half Marathon: Why it has a special place in my heart {plus the Cleveland Marathon weekend giveaway winner}

Today is going to be half marathon day on Eri-thon. Why? Because first I’m going to tell you about the Illinois Half Marathon and then I’m going to tell you who won the giveaway to the Cleveland Marathon/Half Marathon/10K weekend event! So, if you’re only here to see if you won then you can skip... Read more »

West Loop Run Group [plus the Chicago Primal Gym Giveaway winner]

When I moved from Forest Park to the West Loop I was sad that I wouldn’t be within easy running distance of my running club’s meeting point. I looked for a new club in the West Loop but didn’t find anything. So when Swirlgear told me that the new West Loop triathlon store Live Grit... Read more »

Training for the Cleveland Half Marathon: Experiences of a first timer and a 15th timer

Training for the Cleveland Half Marathon: Experiences of a first timer and a 15th timer
As one of the guest bloggers for the Cleveland Marathon courtesy of Swirlgear, I wanted to share with you two stories. One story from my friend Rae who is currently training to run the Cleveland Half Marathon as her first half marathon (and at which I will be pacing her) and the other story of... Read more »

Chicago Running Bloggers get fit with Chicago Primal Gym

On Tuesday night myself and three other Chicago Running Bloggers attended a complimentary class at Chicago Primal Gym located in Lakeview just off the Belmont stop. Chicago Primal Gym is run by Sean Griffin who has a passion for seeing his clients get results. And while, yes, he wants you to get stronger, he also... Read more »

Puerto Rico Half Marathon Review: Put a done stamp on it

In case you're curious, this is what a 5 AM race start looks like.
Well, in case you missed it on Facebook or Instagram, I spent the last week having fun in the sun before and after running the Puerto Rico Half Marathon in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Admittedly, this race wasn’t even on my radar until Swirlgear partnered with them to host a giveaway for a race entry.... Read more »
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