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With the art fairs and festivals just around the corner, late spring in Chicago is a great time to get creative with gift-giving. But finding the right artwork can be a challenge, whether it's for someone else (a wedding, birthday, graduation or housewarming gift) or a piece of art for your own home or office. We examined a lot of great options, but one in particular caught our attention: Chicago Art Leasing.

Don't let the name fool you - while the company specializes in providing art for lease, virtually all of their artworks are also available for sale and lease-to-own. They have a huge variety of artwork with an emphasis on local artists and best of all, their flexibility means that they can find a great piece of art to match just about any budget. Here are just a few of their options:

Art for Sale
Price: Starting around $50

From drawings, paintings and photography to stained glass, tapestries, fine art prints, mosaics and murals, if there's a type of artwork that you're looking for, you can find it here. Their team will work with you and even set up studio or gallery visits so that you can meet the artist and see the works in person. It's a great way to find a gift that's every bit as unique as the recipient.

Commissioned Artwork
Price: Starting around $200

Maybe you have something specific in mind, but you don't see it on the website. Many of Chicago Art Leasing's artists can work with you to create a custom piece. Typically 50% is due initially and then 50% is due upon completion of the project - prices can vary significantly based on the artist, the medium, and the size of the piece.

The Fine Art Print Club
Price: Three tiers priced at $300 (one print), $500 (two prints) or $800 (four prints) per year

Ever wish there was an easy an affordable way to start an art collection with artworks suggested by experts? That was the inspiration for this subscription service, modeled loosely on seasonal clubs (wines, cigars, etc...). Chicago Art Leasing is putting together a panel of experts to choose up to 4 artists a year and they will offer a signed, numbered print each season by each of the artists. Three different tiers allow subscribers to receive all four prints, two prints or just one print each year. Even though the first print won't be available until March of next year, spaces are very limited and already filling up so don't wait to contact them if you are interested. We'll have more information about this service as it becomes available.

Image: Surface by Chrissy Pahucki

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