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Become the Best You

Become the Best You
Who are you? How can you become the best version of yourself? I’m not really into resolutions…but I do like spending a few hours on New Years Day reflecting on the past year and looking forward with hopes, dreams, and even goals for the next year. Overall, my goal for the coming year is to... Read more »

Holy Innocents & Gun Control

Today is the fourth day of Christmas and according to the liturgical calender the feast of the Holy Innocents. Today is the day that commemorates the birth of the children that the tyrant of Jesus time, Herod, massacred in an attempt to kill baby Jesus before he would be come a threat to Herod’s authority.... Read more »

For Those Who Didn't Feel Christmas Cheer This Year

For Those Who Didn't Feel Christmas Cheer This Year
This has been a difficult season for many people, even without national tragedies this would have been a dark season for many in my life. My brother’s marriage is ending, a young man I knew ended his life, a friend younger than me spent Christmas in the hospital, and my grandfather is sleeping further away... Read more »

Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Survival Prayers

These simple prayers sometimes uttered without expecting a response or even believing someone  is listening are sometimes the very words that bring a connection to the divine. Could prayer really be so simple? I think so. Lamott writes, “We can pray for a shot at having a life in which we are present and awake... Read more »

Religion without Violence.

Religion without Violence.
“I think Religion generally gets in the way of God,” Bono told a reporter. Like Bono’s own Ireland, so many places on earth are war torn over religion. I will never forget the abandoned beauty I saw when I visited Sri Lanka in 2009. There was an eerie silence. Sri Lanka is a paradise island... Read more »
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