Become the Best You

Become the Best You

Who are you? How can you become the best version of yourself?

I'm not really into resolutions...but I do like spending a few hours on New Years Day reflecting on the past year and looking forward with hopes, dreams, and even goals for the next year.

Overall, my goal for the coming year is to become a healthy more integrated version of myself. Of course we'd all like to be the best version of ourselves but what does that mean and how can we do it?

The Enneagram is a tool that I am finding so helpful in understanding myself. It's way more than a personality profiling system or test. Although if you like personality tests here you go: Enneagram test.
For me being told by a friend that I was a Enneagram 6 (numbers are used for their unbiased quality) and reading the description was very eye opening. As I read more, more light bulbs are going on.

The Six is most closely tied with Loyalty though skeptic, questioner, follower, and trooper have also been used to label sixes.

For instance due to my core need for security, I prefer to host parties at home rather to go to parties even though hosting is more work. Um, yeah just hosted a NYE party for that very reason though it was unarticulated.
NYE party with friends


I've found these descriptions as listed on this website to be superhelpful:

The enneagram has stages of development categorized into healthy, average, and unhealthy. So it sets up a road map towards health that is specific to your personality.

After much consideration, the book I downloaded on my kindle is Don Richard Riso's Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery.

Risco writes, "Self-understanding is the prelude to transformation, to moving beyond the ego and all that makes up what is called 'false personality.' Transcending the ego is the gate to every spiritual path, and the Enneagram shows each type (and therefore each of us as individuals) what that gate is and how to pass through it."

with Joe NYE party

As the healthiest level, a six is a The Valiant Hero. At utter disintegrated unhealth, a six is The Self-Defeating Mascochist. Who do I want to be?

Risco is wise to not that without intentional growth to overcome negative habits in our personality we tend to move towards disintegration.



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  • I agree with you when you said that your goal for the coming year is to become a healthy more integrated version of yourself. It is like having a new year's resolution. Everyone wishes her/himself to become better . believe you made a good step in taking a personality test. However, I am just curious on what motivated you to do it? Enneagram test is new to me. It looks good by the way you discussed it here. I am used to hearing and reading more about MBTI and DISC personality tests. These two methodologies are commonly used in different organizations and it is normally part of company's hiring and training procedures. Some individuals are interested in taking 2 or more tools to check their profile and make a comparison out these two or more test. You might be interested too in doing that. Let me share to you one of the disc personality test sites I visited. You can view it here. Thanks for sharing your experience with Enneagram test. I'll definitely read more about it too.

  • The personality test of Enneagram is so interesting test to analyses myself

  • The Enneagram test you linked to no longer exists, unfortunately. Here's another free enneagram test your readers can take instead.

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