Raquel Welch Receives Chicago Honor

My GREAT friend Steve Starr met up with none other than Raquel Welch recently...

He tells his story below and included some GREAT pictures from the event.


Raquel Welch Receives Focus Award

It is hard to concieve that this beautiful actress whose photo cutout, which I remember when I was 19 years old, stood two stories high atop the Roosevelt Theatre on State Street in Chicago, is now, self admittedly, seventy years old. 

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Raquel Welch 2010 Focus Award Recipient Photo courtesy of Steve Starr

In that photo, she wore a skimpy, furry animal skin bikini, and with lush auburn hair swirling to frame, her perfect facial features that were further enhanced with the remarkable skill of a 1966 Hollywood makeup artist, she was promoted as the way glamorous natural cavewomen really looked 1,000,000 years B.C. Welch quickly became an International sex goddess, reigning upon her cinematic throne for decades.

STILL unbelievably gorgeous, Raquel Welch honored Chicago with her iconic presence in the Wolf Ballroom of the Holiday Inn to accept the silver Focus Award presented to her by Bill Zwecker. The Focus is given to women who have made significant contributions to film and also have strong ties to Chicago, where Welch was born Jo Raquel Tejada, September 5, 1940.

The Mistress of Ceremonies was beautiful Micah Materre - WGN News Anchor and Focus Awards were also presented to Emmy Award winning producer Jamie Ceasar and Television and Radio Hostess Merri Dee.  Among the many illustrious guests were Victor Skrebneski who had photographed Raquel for her 40th birthday and Diana Palomar - Vice President Community Affairs ABC 7.

Photos courtesy of Steve Starr - http://www.stevestarrstudios.com

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