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Barbie & Me are Weave Free Part II - You Are Beautiful

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! There are some little girls that never hear those words. In fact, for years many non-white girls rarely saw a doll that looked like them. It was not the American image of beauty. However, today there are endless options of dolls. I for one never really played with dolls as a child.... Read more »

Barbie & Me Are Weave Free Part I - Embracing My Natural Kinky/Curly/Coily Hair

Barbie & Me Are Weave Free Part I - Embracing My Natural Kinky/Curly/Coily Hair
Many of you may have noticed the number of African-American women who are wearing their natural hair. Who are defying the status quo and making the decision to embrace their natural nappy, kinky, coily, curly of some combination of these various hair types more and more. Many of us have spent years pressing, perming, weaving,... Read more »
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    Michelle J. Miller

    I am determined to live my best life now by making health and wellness choices that will lead to a long life. As a single-mom, lawyer, author, speaker, managing real estate broker, speaker, marathon finisher and global visionary with an active christian lifestyle who enjoys volunteering for numerous activities life gets very busy. I realize that I am usually the last item on my to-do list, if I get on it at all. I know some of you know what I mean. Well it's time to put first things first - me! I have seen and I continue to see the impact of cancer, diabetes, high-blood pressure, high-cholesterol and diabetes on family, friends and people in general. I know that I want to live a long and abundant life so I figured it was time, in the words of the late Michael Jackson, to "make that change!" So, this soul food loving sistah has decided to "go vegan" or shall I say follow a plant-based diet! How will I do it in this city of tasty temptations at each corner and a family of food lovers like myself. Well, the plan has been and will be to do it one day at a time. This is definitely a journey, a challenging one for me, that will take me on the ride of my life. I could take the ride alone, but there's no need to that when I have all of you. So, join me on this plant-based journey.

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