Have a Healthy New Year with Kombucha

What's Kombucha and why make it part of your new year health plan?

The Kombucha craze is increasing day by day. For those of you seeking to have healthy happy life you must consider adding kombucha healthy plan. Kombucha, a fermented drink, is an ancient health elixir that originated in China, Russia and Germany.  Kombucha has a lot of health benefits because it is full of enzymes and vitamins. Kombuha is a detoxifying drink that is known to many has a natural health drink. Benefits of kombucha include the following:

1. Increase Energy

2. Prevent Disease

2. Anti-Aging Product

4. Arthritis Assistance

5. Improved Digestion

6. Cancer Prevention

7. Improve Liver Function

8. Improved Joint Function

9. Enhance Immunity

10. Promotes Weight Loss

I've been buying kombucha weekly for over a year and this year I decided to do my research and make my first brew of kombucha. The process I used seemed fairly simple:

Step 1: Boil 1 quart  to 1/2 gallon of water and add 1 cup of organic sugar, stirring to insure the sugar dissolves.

Step 2: Add 6 bags of black or green tea (do not use herbal teas) and steep 15-20 minutes

Step 3: Let the water cool and pour add additional water to ensure you have one gallon of tea

Step 4: Remove the tea bags and add the tea into a glass gallon jar. You want the tea to be lukewarm (under 80 degrees)

Step 5: Add your symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast also known as the "scoby" to the top (the scoby is a yeast and bacteria organism the reproduces during the brewing process)

Step 6: Cover the glass jar with an organic cheese cloth and secure with a rubber band

Step 7: Place the jar in a location away from direct light and preferrably where the temperature if 75 - 85 degrees

Step 8: Wait 7 - 14 days for the brewing to take place. Your will see a thick white film (even some bubbling) happening in your jar. [Don't fret this is part of the process. However if you see green or bluish-green spots this may be mold and the brew must be discarded]

Step 9: Remove the scoby (original and new one) and place in a jar with some of the kombucha you just brewed [this is needed to start the next batch of kombucha]

Step 10: Pour the brew in vessels and refrigerate or conduct a second brewing/fermentation process for flavoring. You can flavor kombucha with fresh fruit, dried fruit, fruit juice, herbs, etc. Be sure to open your container periodically to release the press. When you have finished flavoring your kombucha chill in the refrigerator.



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