Hostess Twinkies: The Non-Food Favorite Final Shipment That May Last Years

Hostess Twinkies: The Non-Food Favorite Final Shipment That May Last Years

Hostess bankruptcy and closing had been a trending topic for several weeks. People who love Hostess products, and I was one of them, are in shock that delectable favorites such as Cupcakes, Ho-Hos, Ding Dongs and of course Twinkies will not longer be available to tanatalize their sweet tooths.

People have been standing in line waiting for Twinkies and news stations have been showing people leave out of Jewel stores carrying boxes of Twinkies. Has anyone ever thought are Twinkies good for you? Are Twinkies a nutritional food option? Well, those who love them probably haven't asked that questions and honestly probably do not care. When I was eating Hostess products the only thing I cared about was that they tested GOOD! In fact, I think that I went through Hostess withdrawal when I made a decision to change my diet. As a kid, my mom would add even something sweeter to this already sweet snack. What was it? Chocolate milk! Yes, my mom would send me to the corner store to buy a package of Twinkies and a personal serving of chocolate milk. I'm surprised that she didn't go into sugar shock!!!

Well, my eye opener to the non-food content of Twinkies was when I attended one of the nutritional segments as part of my half-marathon training with the Elijah Running Club. Darnell and Shalita Williams, the Founder and VP of Elijah Running Clun do an excellent job of providing information to the running club participants. They obtained the services of Kristy Dotson, CEO of Omnipotent Health for the nutritional session. Kristy gave an eye-opening presentation about food. She had tons of items with her and one of those items was a box of Twinkes that she had been carrying around her years. You read that right, YEARS!!!!! the Twinkies were still in their package and they were discolored and crumbly, but overall they were still in tack with little mold. I was shocked. At that point I decided that I would not eat another Twinkie.

I did some research and I learned that Twinkies have a long shelf life - some have lasted years. One website claims that a Twinkie can last almost 50 years!!! I've even heard that Twinkies aren't baked, but the sponge like cake are partially created by a chemical reaction of the non-food products included int he preservation components of Twinkies. Other sites have called the allegation that a Twinkie will last over 50 years or even several years to be a living food legend. I would have thought that the Twinkie didn't last for several years until I saw it for myself.

I know that Twinkies are delicious and they are a big part of my childhood memories. However, I learned that Twinkies may not be the best food option. I know there many people will miss Hostess products and I know they were a source of temptation for me. However, I don't think the world is missing much of anything nutritionally because we will no longer have Twinkies.

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