The Presidental Political Race Isn't About Race - Thoughts While Making Vegan Caramel Apples

This weekend I was determined to make Vegan Caramel Apples - I did it!!! While trying recipes and eventually developing a recipe and procedure of my own I had a lot of time to reflect on the presidential race and the human race in general.  I was thinking about how disheartened I was at the language I have seen in various social media sites, the news releases I had glanced through and the surveys that have been released on race relations. As a History Major in College, a Lawyer today and a student in International Law (well I am taking a break from the latter) I realize that race relations and interaction among people groups are topics of vital importance to me. 

Race relations is an issue that is dear to my hears and understanding cultural dynamics on a global scale is a subject that I have studied extensively and plan to speak about as opportunities present themselves. Due to my background and love of people in general I am amazed by how citizens of our country is all over the place when it comes to embracing people of different races. Really?? It is 2012! As a I begin to look at the porcelain white coconut milk I was using for my recipe, the tan french vanilla soy milk, creamer I had tried the day before, the bronze light agave syrup I tried and the dark amber gave syrup I eventually used I thought how various combinations of different colors create a masterpiece in the end. All of this reminded me of the humanity, how we all bring something unique to every situation in life.

As to the political race, I have heard and read stories about people voting simply because of race. In each instance I have thought that the POLITICAL RACE IS NOT ABOUT RACE!! It is important that we look at the issues and focus on the issues. Now, come may mistakenly believe that I am out of touch of certain issues relation to impoverished communities like neighborhoods like Chicago. But to the contrary, I am a product of such neighborhoods. In fact, I can do several blog posts on what it was like to be a single-mother attending law school or even practicing law as an African-American woman. What I have learned most of all it is important disallow issues of race or lack of understanding about the challenges of many people, african-american or not, endure in this country and around the world. Awareness and advocacy is one thing, but allowing skin color to determine your future is another issue all together. We must each decided to be the best period, i.e. be the best teacher who just so happen to be an african-american NOT the best african-american teacher. This is important to me because we are all part of this great race called the human race. I consider, no matter what people may claim, that we are and ALWAYS will be one nation under God.  For this reason, my personal choice also include time of personal meditation and prayer. Accordingly, it is important to determine what issues are important to you as an individual and stand by those issues when determining the presidential candidate that you will vote on.

This post is not to incite a political debate, a discourse on race relations or the dialogue on the separation of church and state - we could discuss all of these issues at length. However, that is not the purpose. The purpose is to demonstrate that during times of cooking and food prep profound thoughts can come to mind. I would not have been thinking of this issue, at least while making caramel apples, if I wasn't embracing a vegan lifestyle. I just would have went to Affy Tapple or the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory as mentioned in my prior post: However, as I stated in my blog purpose transforming your diet can transform you life, even if it is something as simple as taking time to ponder important issues during food preparation. D uring my time of making Vegan Caramel Apples it became profoundly clear to me just how much race relations is important and how the political race is not about race. In fact, I do not think any race should be about race - it should be about the intergrity, efforts and position of the candidate.

I personally have been looking at the issues and there are a number of issues that are very important to me. Whether or not a candidates position align with my position on several issues will determine my vote.

I conclude this post with this one recommendation: EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!!!

P.S. Check out my Vegan Caramel Apples & I must say that I ate the raw walnut one and it was absolutely delicious!!!! I plan to post the recipe soon for those who have asked me about them....



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