Food After Fire - The Re-Opening of Karyn's Fresh Corner

I began my detox and vegan journey at Karyn's Fresh Corner & Raw Bistro like many other people in Chicago. Karyn is known as the witty woman of wisdom in Chicago who makes "vegan sexy" and is you meet Karyn you will know that she is definitely capable of doing just that.  Karyn's Fresh Corner & Raw Bistro in one of my go-to places to meet interesting people, learn a wealth of information or just chat with her friendly staff. If you go to the Wellness Center you can indulge in a number of services. I actually enjoy the oyygen bath where you sit in a small pod and the facials are very nice. I had a facial once and I know I was radiant afterwards. A few weeks ago there was a fire at this popular Chicago vegan hang out so it had to be closed temporarily. Today was the grand re-opening of Karyn's Fresh Corner & Raw Bistro. Patrons received a free chocolate drink. I wasn't feeling my best today so I decided to stop here for lunch on my way home.

Appetizer: The Raw Cheese Plate

This is one of my favorite items from the bistro because it's like a sampling of all of the bistro's raw cheeses. Each of the cheeses are fulls of flavor and there is a spicy one that I particularly enjoy. The plate includes dried fruit, raw wheatberry crackers and crushed nuts. You truly only get a small amount of each item, but the taste is so flavorful that you want to enjoy every bite and dont need large amounts. I have learned that raw vegan foods are not something that you eat quickly; each bite is to be savored. This actually will help you achieve a sense of satisfaction faster and enjoy what you are eating so much more. I could not finish this tray so I'll have the rest leftovers for dinner. I recommend sharing this with a date or your BFF. If neither are available, take it home and enjoy.

Drink: Blood Juice Cocktail

Today I tried a new drink. I am generally a fan of the "Really Rare & Raw" when I visit this establishment. I was given a sample and I was sold from that moment. It was so flavorful and reminded me of a sweet milkshake - if made properly. Today, I decided to forgo my RRR and try something new. A few months ago, I became a fan of beet juice. Please keep in mind that I never had beet juice before and in fact HATED the taste of beets. Well, I was unexpectantly introduced to beet juice and I have tried it a few times at different places since that first time I tasted it. As I was contemplating, the waitress stopped by to ask me about what I was having to drink and when I paused she said "try the Blood Juice Cocktail." Sure! Today, I decided to try the Blood Juice Cocktail, a beet juice at Fresh Corner & Raw Bistro, today. Interestingly, this juice cocktail has always been on the menu, but somehow it never caught my attention. If you are joining me on the journey of veganism, you may be surprised of the things that you'll like if you actually try them. Your palate will actually transform in the process of taking this journey. The Blood Juice Cocktail has apple, beet and lemon juice with ginger. This juice cocktail is good and good for you.

Main Dish: Karyn's House Salad

Karyn's House Salad is light and flavorful. This salad is full of crunchy cabbage, sprouts, shredded carrots, shitaki mushrooms, red onions, chopped asparagus and candied walnuts with vegan ceasar dressing on the side. It is a mound of magnificient fresh raw flavors that I find quite tasty. This definitely nothing like the boring salads that I use to eat. In fact, in the past I would probably eat a large salad with large chunks of fried chicken strips, covered in shredded cheddar cheese and filled with croutons. Of course, the more ranch dressing the better - so I thought. Well, no wonder I couldn't remove any weight eating salads like that. Most people, like me at that time, think that they are making healthier choices by eating salads. However, by the time you add the fried foods, crouton, cheese and fattening dressing you have consumed enough calories to simply eat a few burgers. It is great to add more fresh veggies to your meals. However, when you drown the veggies with all of this other stuff you lose the true benefit of what you are eating.  This House Salad is light and fresh. In fact, I couldn't eat all of it either. So guess what's for dinner? Salad!

FREE Desert: Chocolate Drink

 I don't have desert oftern at Fresh Corner & Raw Bistro because I think the prices are simply ridiculous. I like the mango pudding and when I get it I consider it a treat. Sometimes I also have the raw cranberry cookies - one of them will last awhile because the flavor is too decadent to eat the entire thing. Now, if I was eating yellow Oreos I'd probably eat an entire roll!! This journey is showing me the difference between being satisfied with something you eat and mindlessly eating something that simply taste good. The artificial foods, in my opinion, fail to trigger the proper sensory reactors within our internal system to provide a signal of satisfaction. This drink was satisfying, but actually too sweet for me. Plus, I am not a fan of chocolate (yes, fellas reading this - a woman who is not a chocolate fan...well I like white chocolate) but I enjoyed my free treat for being a parton of  Karyn's Fresh Corner on her Re-Opening. One could barely tell that there was a fire at this location. I must say Karyn did not skip a beat and she had time to think of a few new items as she was restoring this location.

Food After Fire at Karyn' Fresh Corner & Raw Bistro - Fantastic!!! You can learn more about Karyn's at the following link:


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