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Today, I was headed home from work trying to dodge the rain and in my rush I saw a young lady on the corner of Van Buren & State street passing out pamphlets. She said in a soft voice, " do you want to help the animals?" I smiled at her and said "sure" as she handed my a pamphlet. I rushed to the redline train - on a mission because I didn't want to get caught in the rain. Then it hit me! This could be a great first post for my new blog with ChicagoNow so I forgot about the rain, the train and decided to go talk to her. However, I looked and she had left her post. Oh no, I thought the pamphlet said do something better and I want to start by sharing a few encouraging words with her and seeing if we can chat for my first blog post. Well, she had crossed two streets by the time I scanned the crowd outside and notices her. Darn! Then as I sat at the table (sharing my seat with our fairly new Persian white cat names Snow) I thought her I am doing "Something Better" and in fact that's what this journey is about - if I realize it or not really doesn't matter.

The pamphlet was one developed by It has some pretty neat stuff in this pamphlet, including the fact "...15 million Americans have stopped eating meat entirely." WOW! The pamphlet also quote a few people with names that may be familiar to you. Here are a few quotes that they share:

"I look better...I feel better. People are looking at a rib and making the connection that it came from a suffering animal." - Russel Simmons

"[I] stopped eating all meat a few years ago. I would feel guilty that what was on my plate was walking around yesterday. Either I could live with that or stop eating meat. I chose the latter, and I'm happier for it." Carrie Underwood

Another part of the pamphlet quotes Michael Greger, MD who states in a short article that "People who stop eating meat live longer, look better, and feel better. They weigh less, and many report having more energy." I AM SOlD! This quote depicts the the main reason why I am making the change and I'd that causes me to be aware of the cruel conditions that animals encounter on farms and in meat-packing plants then I welcome the knowledge. Plus, if I intentionally or unintentionally help the Animal Cause I think that's pretty cool too. No matter how you consider the issue, it is a positive choice, an educational experience and interesting journey.

So, if you happened to see a young lady on the corner of Van Buren and State passing our pamphlets, please take one and tell her Emerging Vegan Sistah was about to stalk you (ok, don't say that part) for her first blog post. I've read the entire pamphlet and I am happy that I decided to do "SOMETHING BETTER."

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