Hurricane Sandy - How Do Vegans Prepare for Food Emergencies?

Currently, the news is filled with the approaching hurricane and potential storm(s) along the east coast. This weather emergency made me think about has drastic outcomes that are possible due to weather events. Think Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, etc. This situation also made me think of an issue that I haven't thought about:

How do vegans prepare for emergency food situations?

There are times where a trip to the store is impossible. Generally, I would look to pack packages of tuna, sardines, emergency meals that only require hot water, cereal bars, crackers, single servings of soup with pop off tops, nuts/seeds, dried fruit, protein/food bars, candy bars and other items with long shelf life that require little or no kitchen appliances (or even heat) to eat. When I review the above this list I only identified 3 things I could have in my emergency kit on a plant-based diet: (1) protein/food bars, (2) nuts/seeds and (3) dried fruit. This extremely short list saddens me as I consider my other options.

In instances where there is an approaching whether emergency, like the hurricanes on the east coast, what would you have available to eat with you as a vegan?

If you're vegan and planning to visit a location where food is not available ?i.e. going camping, volunteering to do disaster relief work or visiting a remote location) what would you pack to eat in your travel bag?

How would you prepare for a situation where food is scarce or unavailable and there are no vegan options?

I am open to recommendations that can be ordered online in advance, but I am especially interested in places that I could pick up items in the Chicagoland area. Share any information or suggestions you have on this topic...."inquiring minds want to know - I want to know."

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