Halloween & Other Holidays Putting Holes in Your Pocket

This post will differ from most post that I will write because it is off focus. However, I couldn't resist writing a brief post on this issue. I truly think it is great for people to get together and have fun, but Halloween is one holiday that I simply do not partake in. I have no interst in celebrating the dead, ghoulish things, vampires, scary movies, etc. I figure why dress up as someone or something else when I enjoy being me everyday. I remember voluntarily teaching about so many historical, religious and spiritual aspects of Halloween to families that I could do a blog series on this, but those topics are not my point today. This post is specifically focused on the money we waste and/or squander simply because it's just what we do (or you all do because Hallowween activities will not get a nickle from me).

Here's what prompt me to write this post: I was riding in my truck this evening and I was listening to the radio when thought I heard the radio spokesman say people will spend $8Million on Halloweeen this year!!!!  I thought about this number and how "horrible" everyone claim that our economy is. Evidently, not so bad that Americans will spend even $1Million. From a business perspective, some will say it is good for economic growth. However, from a personal and/or family money management perspective, spending funds like this make little to know sense. In fact, if you are spending money you don't have to do things that you don't need to probably with or on people who you don't like or who don't appreciate it makes a no sense. Mosr kids will not remember this it will just be another story that parents will tell them as an adult to go down memory lane. Well after hearing the annoucement, I decided to check it out and I heard incorrectly. I read a news release on Mashable That reported people will spend $8BILLION (and I was shocked when I thought it was $8million)!!!! So, I understand it is suppose to "stimulate the economy" and help launch a season of full of spending, but who benefits from our spending. I mean I couldn't even get a stimulus check when they were released a few years ago and when people who got them ran to the stores to spend money I don't recall deposit going into my bank account. $8BILLION!!!! How much candy do people need? It is just another reason to give our overweight kids, family members and even ourselves an excuse to overindulge and overconsume junk food that we overspent on. It is amazing! I started to think what are the amounts that people spend on other holidays. Well, here is some interesting information according to the National Retail Association:

Valentine's Day - People spent $17.6  BILLION

Easter - People spent $16.8 BILLION

Black Friday - People spent 52.4BILLION last year(according to CNN Money). A spending increase has been projected.


Of course, I know that people can spend their hard earned morning on whatsoever they choose. However, most of these holidays simply put holes in our pockets. People spend so much money during this time of year that they spend a large portion of the following year paying off loans and credit card debt (been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and probably sold it to get something I really wanted). Transforming the world around you encompasses so many things. This blog may be focusing on the wellness portion of life transformation, but true life transformation will cause you to step outside of yourself and your routine to look at things from many angles.

There are too many instances where many of us are simply going through the motions, following the crowd and allowing so many external things influence our life. It's time to truly put some thought into the things we do in life. I have decided not to let holidays put holes in my pocket and you may want to consider given your spending activities some serious thought......

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