The MidWest Trio Behind Fashion In The Street

The MidWest Trio Behind Fashion In The Street

100 Feet of Runway…2 Full Days of Outdoor Runway Shows & Vendors {Picture Above from Fashion In The Street 2012} Nick, Jack & Jim knew nothing about fashion but knew how to throw one Incredible event like nothing Chicago's ever seen.

Flashback to 2009 Jack Green from Crystal Lake & Jim Rafferty from Boston were bartenders at John BarleyCorn in Lincoln Park, Nick Pobutsky from Kalamazoo MI was the social regular in the scene and close friend…it was then when they began brainstorming the ideas of the SausageFest Chicago which SpringShot their Company known today as : Green Curtain Events an Event Agency-which was officially established in 2010.

Graduates from Michigan State University & Southern IL University this Late 20's & Early 30’ Something Midwest Based Trio combine their diverse social & professional backgrounds to architect forward thinking festivals & events that could never be considered ordinary by any means.In 2009 the creative brainstorming for FITS started. The question was: “What is something that’s Never Been Done Before?”  from there Fashion In The Street (Concept) was born and the planning process began immediately.They know all too well that it’s never too early to begin the planning as obstacles may occur.

“We want to change peoples perspectives of street festivals.”-Jack Green

A couple things that GCE wanted to be sure to incorporate with FITS is:

-Having an accessible venue

-You don’t have to be on a list to get in

-Mixing high end-fashion with street festival

“It’s a fest but still high end.”-Nick

Today Green Curtain Events Produces more than 13 Events a year. Known for their infamous NYE EventsSausageFest Chicago & now Fashion In The Street. With 13 years of Event Experience GCE knows how to throw one Amazing Party/Festival! Somehow these three normal guys are the perfect fit to produce such a grand Fashion Event in Chicago-the Perfect Platform where the fashion and creativity is just bustling at the seams with countless design schools, fashion designers & runway show producers. GCE knew they had to have the best, their rawness gave FITS the Awe-Factor. In their mind because fashion was so foreign...they simply brought in the Best of the Best for everything:The Runway the biggest-100 Foot Runway never been done before in Chicago, they had to have the best Fashion Show producer-Benjamin Cottrell Designs, they had to have some of the best models from Factor Models.

This year Fashion In The Street is embarking on another Incredible Event Even Better than the Last-This Year the Festival Begins June 1, 2013-The start of the Chicago Outdoor Festival Season! Fashion In the Street is set to return this year with an even more incredible force of support than ever before. Highlights for this years Fashion In the Street which debuts on June 1st-June 2nd in the South Loop Includes:

-All Day Use of the Runway…with Showcasing of Designs & Runway Shows

-VIP Lounges

-Wine Tastings

-Unique Entertainment

-Same Level of Exceptional Designers

-Dramatic Backdrop of the Clocktower at Dearborn Station

Nick, Jack & Jim all have competitive strengths and each bring an essential element to Green Curtain Events. They all hear each other’s ideas-all 3 owners are involved in every decision process. Always bouncing ideas of the other-each has a different {unique} approach to everything.

Establishing Green Curtain Events has not been an easy feat to say the least, the all know firsthand how much of a struggle it is to start your own business from scratch & with your own investing. They spent the first years doing meetings in coffee shops and each other’s homes. In 2013 Green Curtain Events was able to finally open their office doors.

On advice to aspiring Event Producers/Planners:

“Make Sure You are in it for the right reason, to be a difference maker, not just to impress people. Be prepared it’s not an easy ride” ~Jim

“You have to want to do the actual event-knock on every door.” “Be passionate about what you are doing…outsiders looking in it seems simplified but there are so many layers” ~Jack

GCE would rather be Exceptional at 5 Major Events not 50”~Nick

Chicago & The MidWest Is excited and anticipating the reveal of this artistic vision come to life on June 1, 2013 Fashion In The Street Kicks Off The Outdoor Festival Season Set in the South Loop! View For Full Festival Information.

By Cha'rron Davis



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